We have moved to a new office!


We would like to inform you that MCL, LLC moves to a new office!

From now, we are located at 77, Sichovich Strilciv str., office 511, Schevchenkivskiy district, Kyiv, 04150.


MCL, LLC was found in 2011 for providing professional services in the sphere of ecology, consulting and law. During seven years of favorable work, we concluded ten partnership agreements with the best state, private enterprises and organizations in the area of ecology and natural environmental protection. It allows us fully satisfy enterprise`s requests and needs, regardless to their size and type of activity related with ecology.

We can propose you all services in the sphere of ecology, management of natural resources and environmental protection. Here there are ones:

The most widely used services in the sphere of international certification:

  1. Buildings certification due to LEED standard
  2. Buildings certification due to BREEAM standard
  3. Certification due to HACCP standard
  4. Certification due to ISO 9000
  5. Certification due to ISO 22000
  6. Certification on environmental management ISO 14001
  7. Certification for eco-labeling and environmental declaration ISO 14020

 Legal ecologic consulting and ecological outsourcing allow enterprises of any size and type of activity to delegate all their, established by law, obligations in the sphere of environmental protection, management of nature resource and ecology, and control under clear performing of obligations of subcontractor organizations to high-qualified proved organization MCL. Here there are a list that our client receives: annual preparation of report 2TF air, 2TF water management, report on compliance of permission`s requirements for pollutants emissions, determination of indicator of general waste production, determination of indicator of specific waste production, waste declaration registration, permissions renewal, control for pollutants emissions, quality control for drinking-water and sewage waters, obtaining conditions for discharge, approval with authorized bodies, sanitary-hygienic control, obtaining conclusions of  State Service  of Ukraine on products safety and consumer protection, deratization, desinsection, disinfection, preparation of register cards of waste production object. Not taking into account conducting of environmental expertise of performed object, ecological audit, reduction of sanitary-hygienic zones (SHZ), size establishment of sanitary protection zone, design the project of the evaluation of influence on environment (EIE). More information you can find here.

Providing services in the sphere of ecological development and expertise allows many enterprises to solve difficult and unstoppable problems:

  1. Development and approval of sanitary-hygienic zones (SHZ) project and projects for SHZ square reduction
  2. The evaluation of influence on environment (EIE)
  3. Environmental expertise
  4. The development and approval of technical conditions, technological orders, rules, norms and standards in the field of ecologic safety
  5. Assessment of ecological risks
  6. Identification of potentially hazardous object
  1. Identification of objects of higher risk, development and composition of safety declaration of objects of higher risk, allocation and elimination plans
  2. Holding of public hearing and discussion
  3. Development of project «Protection from noise» consisting of designing documentation, instrumental noise measurement

The main source of impact on natural environment is an emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air, so we propose for our clients the full range of services in the area of atmospheric air protection:

  1. Development documents for obtaining permission on emissions of pollutant into the atmosphere
  2. Adjustment and alignment works and thermotechnical ecological test of boiler equipment and others
  3. Development of passport for gas treatment unit (GTU)
  4. Registration and reregistration of GTU
  5. Check the correspondence of actual operating parameters of GTU with planned (GTU effectiveness)
  1. Performing act of checking of technical position of GTU
  2. Conducting technical training and testing engineers and service personnel, engaged to GTU exploitation
  3. Preparation of report on form 2-ТF air

Pay attention, that all enterprises, which received License on emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air according to terms of their permissions, are obligated to give Report of performing measures in the sphere of atmospheric air protection.

Waste management is an important process in industrial activity of any enterprise, therefore we propose you as a part of ecological outsourcing or as separate, the following services:

  1. Organization of effective waste use
  2. Control of conditions and state of temporary waste storage
  3. Registration of waste declaration
  4. Forming of registered cards of waste production, storage places
  5. The service of monitoring for contractor`s activity, which dispose or utilize waste
  6. Conduct instructions of responsible persons and personnel engaged into process of waste management
  7. Journaling on form 1-VT
  8. Development instruction for personnel engaged into process of waste management

The expectation of our clients for legally conduction of management of nature resources, land-use and subsoil use, pushed us to include to the service list:

  1. State registering of artesian wells
  2. Conducting package of works for licensing of special water use
  3. Conducting package of works for licensing of for subsoil use
  4. Conducting package of works for obtaining terms of sewage water discharge
  5. Laboratory researches of sewage water
  6. Laboratory researches of soil
  7. Package of works for engineering, building wells (boring works included)
  8. Conducting agrochemical research of soil
  9. Development agrochemical certificate of land plot
  10. Preparation of reclamation works project
  11. Supervision during reclamation works
  12. Services and consulting of an agronomist

The protection of human health is a main goal that established for environmental protection, that is why we propose a full specter of services related with sanitary-hygienic surveillance:

  1. conducting of instrumental measurement (noise, microclimate, lightning)
  1. Conducting of deratization and desincetion works
  2. Conducting of state sanitary and epidemiologic inspection of facilities in operation
  3. Conducting of state sanitary and epidemiologic inspection of output in production
  4. Scientific researches
  5. Conducting of state sanitary and epidemiologic inspection of construction projects
  6. Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zones

More information you can find on our website, also call us (044) 235 4359, (067) 329 8529.

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