To obtain permission for waste management

Please consider that in accordance to an approval of National Strategy of waste management up to 2030 and the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, from 1st of February 2018 an electronic service for activities in the field of waste management was used in pilot mode. This e-service prescribes a submitting of information for obtaining permission in the field of waste management.

The purpose of implementing of an electronic service was to simplify the system of administrative services for business entities in the field of waste management as a part of the National Strategy of Waste Management.

E-service allows to submit information for obtaining permission for waste management. To provide information on waste management, at first business entity must fill out your business information. The next stage is submitting data on relative and marginal indicators of waste production: product or service name, class of danger, relative indicator of waste production, regulatory document according to which the relative indicator was calculated and the value of the marginal indictor of waste production. Further, it is necessary to introduce data on the volume of waste collecting and transporting noting the code and name of waste, their class of danger and the end address of waste collecting/transporting. The next step is a description of disposed waste, the volume of disposed waste and information on the sites of waste disposal. Later, it is necessary to insert data on waste utilization by other enterprises (if there are more than one site of waste disposal in the enterprise, the data should be entered separately for each site of waste disposal). The next step is introducing information on characteristics structure and features of waste, their safety level for an environment. Further, it should be entered information on movement of waste, the volume of waste expedited, data on enterprise that accept waste, name of operation for waste expedited, the code and name of object of waste disposal/recycling/utilizing. The business entity can enter data on an availability of equipment for waste management at enterprise including vehicles for waste transporting. The next, business entity has to upload a scan of the conclusion of state ecological expertise. And, the last stage is to fill the synoptic table of input data and to calculate the general indictor of waste production.

If, while entering data, the business entity does not perform certain waste management operations and, accordingly, there is no such data, then it may skip the relevant stage.

You will recall that using of this e-service for obtaining permission for waste management is pilot mode and aimed to improve an existing system of e-reporting of enterprises. According to officials, in the process of using e-service of submitting an ecological reporting in the field of waste management, the Ministry of ecology and natural resources in Ukraine provides the consultations for state authorized bodies and their departments in the field of environmental protection.

The specialists in the field of waste management of MCL, LLC provide consultations on new system of submitting the reporting on waste management to e-service of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources in Ukraine. Experience of experts of MCL, LLC in the field of waste management (executing of waste production declaration and register cards of objects of waste production, waste inventory, and supporting for obtaining permission for waste disposal) guarantees the compliance of legislative and sanitary norms in the field of waste management and successful data submitting to e-service of administrative services of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources in Ukraine.

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