The management system of safety food products HACCP

The management system of safety food products (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a top scientific institution, which specialize on research of products safety and implementation of personal methodology of safe food products at enterprises, which produce them and put into circulation. HACCP conducts its activity basing on widely used way of products certification, which means equipment certification, involved into food products production, raw materials and services. Such method of certification directs on confirmation of food products convenience for implementation among all producers that are guided by this system.

Idea of development similar evaluation method of safety food products appeared in the United States of America in 60`s of last century at NASA and some military scientific and research centers for identification of toxins in food which led to spacemen`s diseases. Over the years in 1971 at American National Conference regarding on safety food products, company Pillsbury proposed to see developed HACCP methodology. But in 80`s the Academy of Science of USA proposed to implement this method for compliance in food industry. Strong support in development HACCP program, as global standard of control food products production, conducted the Commission of Codex Alimentarius. In 1991 at 25th meeting of Committee has been approved «HACCP main conditions and the procedure of their execution». In sense, committee approved the HACCP Codex and proposed bring the obligate requirements for food products. In the territory of European Union, there is guideline about general conditions 93/43/ «Hygienic of food products» that regiment the HACCP principles. The compliance of HACCP requirements became obligatory from 14th 1995 for members of EU. Other countries also approved and implemented HACCP methodology through normative, legislative and regular acts. Therefore, nowadays the system of control for products quality approved by almost all world countries, International commission of microbiologic indicators of safety food products and World Health Organization.

Ukrainian government cannot overpass this global process. On the territory of our country, beginning from July 2003 is valid standard DSTU 4161-2003 «The management system of safety food products. Requirements». Due to point №6 article №20 of the law of Ukraine «On safety and quality of food products», enterprises and entities, which produce and sale products are obligated to compliance the HACCP standard requirements.

Events of food products poisoning, including their mass occurrence, nowadays have already became problem of global character. Researches of HACCP International show that annually in the world there are approximately fifty millions events of food intoxication. For that negligence the one part of producers have been penalized, and another one – put into the court. Such cases negatively influenced on producer`s reputation, value of their trademarks and client`s loyalty. It means that implementation of HACCP program prescribes strict limits in food production, their circulation and storage.

Regarding the HACCP certification, it is necessary to review the objective of this methodology. Therefore, the main goal of HACCP is hazards identification and management, reduction risks of food spoiling through the development and implementation of HACCP program. The producers and suppliers of products that are under HACCP control can be sure in not only products quality and safety, but in that, they form strong market platform in food industry.

At first, for producers of food products the HACCP certificate is valuable because it increases consumer trust at national and international markets and contributes their competitiveness on the market.

MCL, LLC, basing on experience of reliable partners in the sphere of international certification, has a possibility very quickly and in accordance to official requirements to provide for any enterprise all instruments for corresponding due ti requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP, DSTU 4161. Certain companies involved into food production, its transportation or sale, excluding food outlets, have positively expressed from cooperation with MCL, LLC in the area of ecology and sanitary-hygienic surveillance. Entrusted to MCL, LLC`s specialists HACCP certification, national agro holding and non-residents received opportunity without obstacles to realize their outputs at world market.

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