The designing of hazardous waste facilities

The hazardous waste is a type of waste with biologic, physical, chemical and other features, the using of which requires special methods and equipment, therefore, they can cause a significant hazard for environment, human`s health and lives. Hazardous waste management means a complex of actions directed on preventing of hazardous waste production, and in case of waste generation – collecting, sorting, storing, transporting, recycling, disposal or utilizing.

To design and construct of the hazardous waste facilities is required to consider the requirements of the State Sanitary Rules 173-96 «Planning and development of settlements», the laws of Ukraine «On waste» and «On modifications to certain legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of waste management» and License provisions for business activity in hazardous waste management. The designing of hazardous waste facilities must be executed by the experts of construction sector and project engineers in the field of environmental protection. Here is a list of basic compulsory requirements that set up to the business entities that carry out operations with hazardous waste.

  1. Business entity, which has intention to carry out operations with the hazardous waste, must obtain a license for hazardous waste.
  2. Accordingly to the article 17 of the law of Ukraine «On waste», the business entity which owns at least one hazardous waste facility must have:
  • Positive conclusion of the state ecological expertise of project documentation of object where activity of hazardous waste is conducted.
  • Positive conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiologic expertise on complying the requirements of safety control at object where operations with hazardous waste are conducted.
  1. Hazardous waste facility is an object of higher risk and obligated to carry out an identification of object of higher risk in accordance to the law of Ukraine «On objects of higher risk».
  2. Accordingly to the State Sanitary Rules 173-96 determining of sanitary-hygienic zone is mandatory for hazardous waste facility.
  3. If business entity conducts the emissions of pollutant substances into atmosphere through the stationary sources it required to obtain a permission for emissions in the frameworks of legislation.
  4. Realization of planned activity related with the operations of hazardous waste is a subject of environmental impact assessment (EIA) according to the requirements of the law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment».

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