Technological procedure and technical specifications (conditions) TC

Technologic procedure is a compulsory technic document that is a part of project and technic documentation at enterprise. An importance and necessity of technologic procedure means that it consists of information about stages, way of implementing technologies and equipment while production processes. All rules and requirements of technologic procedure obligatorily have to execute for producing exactly products of high quality, and for avoiding errors and disorders in production process. Appropriately developed technologic procedure reduces a risk of occupational injuries.

The Government strictly controls the development of technologic procedure through approval of corresponding state standards.

Technologic procedure can be overviewed if the event of:

  • significant changes in technologic process;
  • occupational accidents that caused as result of lack of information noted in technologic procedure about equipment or machinery operating;
  • significant substitution of raw materials used for produce articles;
  • as a result of legislative changes that means the change of production technology of certain article or output;
  • on business entity`s own motion;
  • other reasons that directly impact on production process.

The main terms for ensuring the safety of production and technologic processes are noted in paragraphs of technologic procedure. According to researches, it was defined that one of the main reason of occupational accidents during production is an infringement of rules and terms of technologic procedure. Technologic procedure consists of corresponding paragraphs, which are the basic safety requirements of technologic process.

Any product or article that produces has to correspond certain requirements. The Government prescribes for each product group the developed regulatory documents where are noted the requirements for their production, transportation and realization. If the existing state standards are not suitable for your production process, you can develop your own technological conditions for product (article) or service.

Technical specifications or conditions (TC) is a normative technic document that includes of the requirements of production process, quality of raw materials and special aspects of technologic process. TC requirements are mandatory for compliance therefore their infringement leads to producing the commodities of unsatisfactory and of poor quality. If business entity develops its own technical specifications, he can provide them for other producers by his own motion, but in that case, entrepreneur, which uses these developed TC, must fully comply them.

Therefore, the technical conditions do not require mandatory registration, they should be checked for relevance to current legislation, standards and environmental safety standards. While developing of TC, business entity must comply the established requirements according to DSTU 1.5:2015 «National standardization. The rules, structure, statement and requirements to the content of regulatory documents». Comprehensively knowing of laws and standards of environmental safety standards ensures the correct development of technical specifications. The specialists of MCL, LLC cam assist you in development and implementation of technological procedure and technical specifications at your enterprise.

Applying to high-qualified experts of MCL, LLC, you can be sure in quality of provided services in time.

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