State requirements in the sphere of waste managment

All companies, enterprises, organizations or sole proprietors, activity of which directly related with transportation, recycling or waste disposal, including waste production, must have permissible documentation due to current legislation of Ukraine. The regiment and order of preparing and obtaining permissible documentation are regulated at governmental level through approval of acts, legislative acts, laws and standards. Activity, which related with waste disposal, is the most common impact on environment. What are wastes? According to the law of Ukraine «On waste», waste are nonconforming materials or their pieces, fragments, defective articles or pack that cannot be used by legal entity or private individual and which must be utilized, disposed or recycled into secondary raw materials.

Early Limit for waste production and Permission for waste production were permissible documentation, but there have been changes in the regulation of economic activity: for avoiding paper chase and decreasing of permissible documentation, mentioned below permissions have been canceled. Actually, private individuals and legal entities, activity of which leads only to waste production and the General Indicator of Waste Production (GIWP – ПЗУВ) are between 50 and 1000 coins of account, are obligated annually to represent waste production declaration according to the established form. This form is approved by the Act of Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine from 18th of February 2016. Therefore, any economic subject while produces waste, only reports about waste production for reporting year.

The form of waste production declaration is normatively approved. The declaration reports about volume of waste, produced by enterprise during a year and refers as permissible document, which shows correct waste management at enterprise. Responsible person or representative of enterprise must correctly fill form of waste production declaration and represent it for centers of providing administrative services in electronic and paper form. Permissible center passes waste production declaration for registration to local Departments of ecology and protection of natural resources of Ukraine. During five days, permissible body registers declaration and prepares messages in written form with noted remarks for correction, if have been identified non-fully or false information. Entrepreneur is responsible for adequacy of provided information in waste production declaration.

In case of over limits 1000 c.a. of GIWP, enterprise should prepare register card of objects of waste production, recycling and utilization. The register of objects of waste production, recycling and utilization is a source for collection and analysis of information about objects that produce, recycle and utilized waste. Register card consists of two parts. The first part includes information about objects of waste production (OWP), and the second – about objects of waste recycling and utilization of other enterprises. Register cards of objects of waste recycling and utilization include objects the general indicator of waste production of which is over 100 tons per year. Although, register cards of waste production, recycling and utilization are approved at local authorities of Ministry of health protection and Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine.

Therefore, nowadays, waste production declaration and register cards are the only one and compulsory permissible documents in the sphere of waste management for enterprises of any size and type of activity.

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