Special aspects of environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the purposes of mineral resources use

The procedure of environmental impact assessment (EIA) has already been completed for six months. More than 700 letters of advice were submitted to the Unified register of EIA. Major parts of them are from energy sector, mineral resources use, agricultural sector, construction, infrastructure and waste management. Each type of activity that is a subject to environmental impact assessment, the procedure of EIA requires the individual approach, comprehensive study and involving of scientists and experts of specialized organizations and establishments.

What should we consider while carrying out the EIA for the sector of mineral resources use? At first, mineral resources users in the process of environmental impact assessment must comply the requirements of Code of mineral resources of Ukraine, Water Code of Ukraine, Land Code of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine «On State Geological Service of Ukraine», Mining law of Ukraine and «On environmental impact assessment». Based on the above government regulations, the following list of required works to be conducting and the results of which should be designated in the report of the environmental impact assessment for the purposes of mineral resources use:

  1. Geological survey for studying, preparing and developing of the mineral resources deposits and implementing environmentally friendly ways of open pit mining etc.
  2. Implement measures of environmental, fire, radiation safety of maintaining of the mineral resources deposits.
  3. Develop a plan for allocation and elimination of accidents and disasters.
  4. Carry out the agrochemical researches of soil to define the fertile layer of soil and strip and transport it to designated place.
  5. Develop a remediation plan of disturbed lands after open pit mining.
  6. Analyze the complying of current legislation in the field of atmospheric air protection.
  7. Carry out the researches to define the levels of noise and vibration pollution from the maintaining of mineral resources deposits and mines.
  8. Carry out the scientific studies of fauna and flora of an area of planned activity through involving the ornithologists, entomologists, plant biologists etc.
  9. Carry out the studies of vegetation with the purpose of identifying on the area of planned activities the species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine or at risk of disappearance.
  10. Carry out the studies with the purpose of identifying the negative and harmful impact on health of the population living within area of planned activity.

Please note that is difficult for business entities independently organize and carry out these required works. That`s why, is better to delegate these liabilities to specialists with experience in the field of mineral resources use. More than that, MCL, LLC carried out the environmental impact assessment in form «ready-to-operate». Experience and partnership of specialists of MCL, LLC with the I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (with the purpose of assessing impact on biodiversity) and State Institution «O.M. Marzeiev Institute for public health» NAMSU (with the purpose of assessing impact on human health) guarantee the EIA with the complying of legislative requirements. Choosing MCL, LLC – you get the best result in time!

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