Сonduction of state environmental expertise

Environmental expertise is a justified scientific activity that determines possible impact of enterprise, organization, or certain planned or performed activity, or production process on environment. Full check list of types of activity, that can be hazardous for environment, and poses raised ecological hazard noted in current act №808 of Cabinet of Ministers dated 28th of August 2013.

Environmental expertise (hereinafter – expertise) conducted by state authorities, public associations, ecological and expert organizations. Unconditionally, environmental expertise is a leader measure among enterprises which conducted by central bodies of executive power or authorized establishments, departments and sub departments (for example, Agency of ecology and natural resources of Kyiv Local State Administration). It is worth to note that the conclusions of state environmental expertise have conditions and obligatory «permissible» character, and the conclusions of public expertise – only recommendatory. Conduction of expertise is based on project documentation, which:

  1. Justifies the maximum of possible and adequate ecological safety that considers the requirements of current local and national legislation;
  2. Includes ecological and economic assessment of project activity, that considers all possible expenses and losses impacted on natural environment;
  3. Evaluates ecological risks, possible negative consequences from each stage of activity, that can negatively impact on environment;
  4. Consists of information on considering of public opinion;
  5. Takes into account alternative versions of planned activity.

Traditionally, this documentation is evaluation of influence on environment (EIE) refers as report with determined content and structure by State Construction Norms (SCN А.2.2-1-2003 Content and structure of documents for evaluation of influence on environment).  The rights to prepare this document have specialists in the sphere of ecology with long-period experience and positive feedbacks that have received necessary knowledge approved by certificate. The workforce of MCL, LLC consists of more than ten employees that have necessary qualification for EIE preparation.

If you or your enterprise have plans or conduct activity which possibly poses a raised hazard for environment and noted in act №808, you will pay your attention that conduction of environmental expertise is compulsory for you. Also, expertise conducted in case of certain ecological situations under insistence of state authorities of management, control and legislation.

The most widely used types of activity during its designing or conducting it is necessary to carry out environmental expertise are:

  1. Production process that needs organic fuel, electric power and heat more 200 kW;
  2. Construction materials production (concrete and concrete articles, cement and glass);
  3. Production and extraction, transportation and storage of petroleum products, gas (methane) and liquid gas;
  4. Livestock breeding, domestic bird husbandry, fish farming in huge scale.

Other widely used types of activity the planning and performing of which requires conduction of state environmental expertise, are refers to types that not noted in act №808 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.  Due to the article №31 of the Law of Ukraine «On regulation of urban development», compulsory state expertise is obligatory for the construction projects of objects of 4 and 5 difficulty category; for objects that are constructed on the land plot with difficult geological and engineering conditions; for projects that are constructed involving state funds, organizations, establishments and public utility companies. But this overall expertise conducted for any construction and is not evaluation of influence on environment from potentially raised ecological hazard of certain activity. But set-upped objects which plan activity of environmental impact, except conducting of overall expertise for construction, are obligated to carry out environmental expertise.

Long-period experience of MCL, LLC in the sphere of ecology, protection of natural resources and sanitary-hygienic surveillance allows our clients to receive the best complex of services for conducting state environmental expertise. Any specific activity, which possibly is hazardous, needs individual approach and unique decisions that requires from producer the presence of many tools and completed decisions. The comprehensive approach in the sphere of ecology across environmental expertise means conducting measurements of possible pollutants emissions of into atmospheric air, determining the noise levels, normative calculation of water consumption and water discharge, and conducting a lot of measures. Trusting MCL, LLC specialists the preparing of documentation for environmental expertise conduction, you will obtain qualitative services under competitive prices.

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