Some aspects of holding public purchases in the field of ecology

It is so difficult to overestimate benefits of ProZorro system for holding tender purchases for Government and many enterprises, which had access to marketing niches. The system of reverse auction (cutting of prices) is a method by through online market of public purchases works. This system allows to win tender company which will propose the lowest price for her product. Such system is the same for the market of project and engineering services. But the special aspects of market of project services require other technical approach to hold tenders as opposed to product market. Since placed in service ProZorro system, MCL, LLC has taken part in public purchases via online market, but often dealt with disadvantages and problems for organizations, which announced holding public purchases in the sphere of ecology.

Taking into account special aspects of providing services in the sphere of ecology and natural resources in Ukraine, the quality of these services depends on many factors. Online market of public purchases can lead to signing an agreement on providing services, which from the beginning are doomed be conducted with unsatisfactory quality. Let`s consider on example.

Enterprise had intention to obtain permission for emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air for five industrial sites located in one settlement. Entrepreneur announced holding tender to obtain for nine sources. In accordance to current legislation, one enterprise which performs its activity in several sites, can obtain one permission for emissions if there are no stationary sources more than 500 meters apart. After finishing tender, it turned out that enterprise required not one, but five permissions, because industrial sites, where performing activity, were located in considerable distance from each other, even within the same settlement. Enterprise which won reverse auction, canceled agreement because the process of obtaining five permission requires fivefold costs to publish aims in mass media, to request information about background and meteorological characteristics. In other words, it reduces actual profit of contractor. Customer lost valuable time to hold a new tender, and all members lost costs in reverse auction participation.

If entrepreneur does not engage engineer-ecologist, he will have difficulties in preparation of technical task which reflects important information for future developers. ProZorro system of public purchases is not innocent in described situation above, but this case shows the difficulties that can confront a customer at the beginning of the purchase procedure.

Taking into account, that in recent times obtaining permissible documents in the sphere of ecology significantly become easier, but the requirements of different permissible authorities depending on requirements of local bodies are differ. Online market of ProZorro system provides access for contractors to public purchases, regardless on their experience in customer location. Enterprises-developers which do not have enough experience and working skills in customer location, can win reverse auction through proposing price for which cannot perform work in determined time. For customer such contractor organization causes only loses, because without enough control over documents which are in other city, and without instruments for reaction operatively and for correction, contractor organization breaks all terms of providing services which leads to customer`s losses.

MCL, LLC, through the long-term cooperation with different enterprises and extensive network of partners among all territory of Ukraine, is able to provide a full range of ecological services in determined time and by competitive prices.

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