Services and consulting of an agronomist

An agronomist is a higher educated agriculture specialist which has comprehensive knowledge mainly in the sphere of agriculture.
The functions of agronomist are:

  • organization of production of agricultural crops;
  • determination of rational quantity of planted area;
  • development the system of crop rotation, fertilization and using plant protection products;
  • drawn up maps of crops laboring and work plans for some periods of agricultural works and organize its execution;
  • apply to agricultural technology;
  • take measures to obtain high harvests from irrigated crop;
  • set and solve the tasks related with seed industry, forecasting of getting new variety and hybrid agricultural crops;
  • conduct production tests and scientific research;
  • organization of storage, primary processing and realization of agricultural crops.

MCL, LLC has a close working relationships with NSC «Institute of Agriculture NAAS» and SE «Scientific and research and project institute of land planning». The best experts from these specialized scientific institutions always ready to provide services of an agronomist at any level of difficulty. Working together to the same way our client obtains:

  1. guaranteed high result;
  2. market prices which are not exceed prices in those organizations;
  3. saving time and consequently cost.