Preparation of report on form 2-ТП air

The respondents present the forms N 2-ТП (air, annual) and N 2-ТП (air, quarterly), taken to state register of volume of potential emission of pollutants and greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, to the State Statistics.

These forms consist of information about emission of pollutants and greenhouse gas from stationary pollution source. The data about emissions from mobile pollution source not taken into account, including production, agricultural and technics, automobile and other vehicle.

Whereas, the aim of statistics report on form 2-ТП (air) is tax on ecosystem exploitation, but correct filling of report can significantly reduce and optimize the taxing. Therefore, employees of MCL, LLC are the best specialists of rationing of ecosystem exploitation (emission of pollutants into the atmosphere), so we are able to count our actual costs of ecological taxing.

Current service provided as an ecological outsourcing. You can find information about advantages of ecological outsourcing from MCL, LLC in chapter Ecological support of companies, Ecological and legal consulting.