Performing act of checking of technical position of GTU

Gas treatment unit (hereinafter – GTU) – complex of structures for disposal, transportation and capture from gas-and-dust steam the exist pollutants. So, GTU provides the pollutants concentration that discharge into the atmosphere, and is a tool of air protection. Implementation of GTU economizes the costs of ecological tax, because of decreasing volume of pollutants.

Pollutant is chemical or a biological substance, which exists or flows in air and can negatively influence on human health and environment.

According to «The rules of technical exploitation of gas treatment unit» approved by the order of Ministry of ecology, dated 06.02.2009 №52 entity is able to check technical position of GTU no less than once per year, due to results of review perform an act of checking of technical position of GTU. If you find any problems, it is necessary to develop measures to eliminate them.

Because our employees are the best specialist in questions related with emissions into the atmosphere of pollutants, it means that our specialists perform works in time approved by legislation.