Obtaining license of waste disposal

The problem of adequate and safe waste management is very challenging for modern Ukraine. In conditions of catastrophic lack of waste recycling facilities and waste storing, unorganized household waste disposal sites are specific hazard for human health and ecology.

For business entities that operate in the sphere of waste emplacement, disposal, storage and environmental protection, for complying the requirements of environmental protection legislation in the sphere of waste management MCL, LLC provides services of legal and engineering support during obtaining license for activity in the sphere of waste disposal.

At first, this license is aimed for strengthening the responsibility of enterprises in the sphere of environmental protection and human health. It achieves due to certain provisions that are established for licensee, among them are: permanent control for state of pollution of atmospheric, water environment; inventory of specialized equipment for impossible flooding and pollution of underground water; implementing of fire prevention measures and control the waste structure; conducting remediation.

It worth to note that the presence of such license is compulsory for business entities that conduct (or have intention to conduct) activity of household waste disposal on objects (landfill/waste disposal site) with a capacity of over 50 000 tons per year (200 000 m3/year). It determined by the act № 467 from 04.04.2017 «On approval of license provisions for conducting business activity of household waste disposal»of National commission that conducts regulation in the field of energetics and municipal services (NCREMS). You can download a full version of act on our web-site.

Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that according to the paragraph 11 of Act №808 of Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine household waste management (disposal) is a high environmental hazard and requires compulsory conducting of EIE and obtaining conclusion of state environmental expertise!

For obtaining license of landfill, license of waste disposal site, license of waste disposal, business entity must prepare package of documents in accordance to the act of NCREMS. This package of documents consists of special form including main information about ways of conducting activity and inventory confirmation of compulsory machines. MCL, LLC proposes services of supporting and executing of documents for obtaining license of waste disposal for all enterprises regardless on their place of business activity.

MCL, LLC provides professional services of projecting landfills of shw and landfills of construction waste, projecting of rubbish recycling plant, executing an instruction for landfill exploitation, designing a passport of place for waste disposal (PWD passport), risks appraisal of waste disposal site, conducting EIE and expert evaluation of activity of high environmental danger, obtaining the conclusion of state environmental expertise, conducting of laboratory control for state of air, conducting of laboratory control for state of water objects, conducting of laboratory control of noise levels and vibration, conducting independent financial audit, conducting independent ecological audit, designing measures for reducing negative impact on environment.

Nowadays, MCL, LLC has the hugest experience in Ukraine of legal support for enterprises that conduct or only project their activity in the sphere of waste management. Particularly, our enterprise has conducted evaluation of impact on environment from rubbish recycling plants that will be allocated in L’viv region. We can guarantee you individual and 100% effective and legal solution for your requests in the sphere of ecology, nature resources protection and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance.

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