License for hazardous waste management

MCL, LLC as one of leading companies in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sanitary-epidemiologic control, provides a complex of professional services for obtaining License for hazardous waste management. The complex of services includes:

  • Development and approval of technical specifications (TC) for items produced at objects with hazardous waste;
  • Development a project of sanitary-hygienic zone (SHZ) for business entities, activity of which is related with hazardous waste management;
  • Support for obtaining a conclusion of state sanitary-epidemiologic expertise;
  • Obtaining license for hazardous waste in Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine.

All actions conducted by the specialists of MCL, LLC for obtaining license for hazardous waste management are carried out due to the requirements of the laws of Ukraine «On waste», «On modifications to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on waste» and «On licensing of types of business activities» and, of course, License provisions for business activity in hazardous waste management.

License for hazardous waste management is required for business entities if they dispose, utilize, remove, recycle, sort, store, accumulate, place and produce the hazardous waste. If the business entity collect and accumulate produced hazardous waste, from the beginning of their generating during a year transfer the hazardous waste to licensed enterprise for utilization, so is not compulsory to have license for hazardous waste management.

For obtaining license (permission) for hazardous waste management, business entity must prepare the following documents:

  • Application for obtaining license for hazardous waste;
  • Information on availability of technic equipment for activity related with hazardous waste, and the copies of documents that verify a right of property or lease for this technic equipment;
  • Information on safety declaration and developed plan for allocation and elimination of accidents and disasters at object;
  • Information with a signature of the recipient of license about availability of own or leased of processing premises with hazardous waste;
  • Data on availability of permissible documents in the field of business activity;
  • A list of hazardous wastes for which permission (license) is obtained;
  • In case of hazardous waste disposal on the territory of business entity, passport (certificate) of the place of hazardous waste disposal;
  • Register cards of objects of recycling and utilizing of hazardous waste;
  • Data on implemented technological procedure at object;
  • Copies of passport of the recipient of license for hazardous waste.

For activity in the field of hazardous waste management, business entity must have a corresponded qualification for responsible persons, ecological knowledge and be aware of all legislative, sanitary and other norms that prescribe legal and ecologically safe hazardous waste management. In addition, licensee must admit to work with hazardous waste only those employees who have received training, knowledgeable of their duties, regulations, and safety regulations of hazardous waste management.

The competence of high-qualified experts of MCL, LLC is a providing of complex of services for obtaining license for hazardous waste management. Choosing MCL, LLC for providing services in the field of hazardous waste management, you can be sure in performed work according to the current Ukrainian legislation.