Legal ecological consulting in relation with Kyivvodokanal

During its activity enterprise may conduct wastewater discharge into sewerage system of water canals. What are wastewater and why are so hazardous? Wastewater – is all water formed as a result of activity of the subscriber (enterprise, which conducts the wastewater discharge) of water canal after its use for technical, economic, drinking and hot water supply and rain waters and surface waters formed in the territory of subscriber. Therefore, wastewater contains the substances concentration of which is controlled by legislation. Exceeding of the permissible concentrations of pollutants and hazardous substances leads not only to water pollution, but also to the violation of state of the entire ecosystem, because the treatment equipment and facilities of water canal aren’t aimed for wastewater treatment with an excessive concentration of harmful substances.

Business entities of Kyiv city discharge process and wastewater into sewage system of Kyivvodokanal. Like the capital service Kyivvodokanal, the same services of water canals of other cities operate on the base of rules of wastewater acceptance in their own networks. The compliance of these rules is compulsory for subscriber and employees of water canal service. Since the rules wastewater acceptance are legally valid, therefore, non-compliance with the requirements, violation of regulations for wastewater discharge (for example, the discharge of prohibited substances into the sewage system may cause an accident or emergency situation) leads to criminal, administrative and civil liability.

For wastewater discharge into sewage system of water canal it is necessary to sign an agreement on wastewater acceptance and discharge (water disposal). Vodokanal service independently designs contract taking into account the requirements of the Rules of wastewater acceptance and discharge. Whereas, at first, entrepreneur has to execute a passport of water service. For this it is necessary in correct form to execute a package of documents and provide them for agreeing to water canal service. The specialists of MCL, LLC can help you correctly execute the documents for obtaining passport of water service in accordance to the requirements of current legislation in the sphere of water use:

  • General information about enterprise and explanatory note;
  • Calculation of water discharge and water consumption;
  • Balance form of water discharge and water consumption;
  • Detailed analysis of wastewater;
  • Act of divided balance participation and operative responsibility of sewage networks;
  • Information about local and joint treatment constructions;
  • Information about sub-lease holders (if required);
  • Information about recycling of sludge sewage treatment unit;
  • Other documents related with wastewater discharge.

After executing pf passport of water service, business entity has to send request in written form with the general layout of sewage network and passport of water service to the service of water canal for agreeing the terms for wastewater discharge. If enterprise don’t change water discharge, so the terms for wastewater discharge can be extended. For this it is required to provide corresponded requests in written form to the service of water canal before one month of expiration of the terms for wastewater discharge.

The specialists of MCL, LLC have long-term experience if work in the sphere of water use control, execution of permissions for special water use, execution of documents for obtaining the terms for wastewater discharge and design of passport of water service. The competency of our professionals are a full support in obtaining the terms for wastewater discharge at local service of water canal, including the preparation and execution of all required documentation, laboratory measurements and calculations.

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