Laboratory researches of sewage water

In modern conditions of economy development rivers, lakes, water bodies and other water objects are polluted by waste from industrial and agricultural enterprises. Therefore, water resources of Ukraine – is national wealth and irreplaceable nature resource for almost sectors of economy for our state, so the protection of water objects and control for their conditions is very important. During activity, enterprise discharges waste water and polluted water into water objects or into sewerage system of water canals.

Composition and quantity of waste water, that enterprise cam discharge into water bodies, are controlled by the corresponded authorities in the sphere of water resources protection. For identifying composition of waste water is necessary to conduct corresponded laboratory researches of waste water to define hazardous impurities, compounds and other active substances that directly can impact not only on water object, but also on entire ecosystem. The main aim of laboratory researches of waste water is an ecological control of water body conditions, appraisal of toxicological conditions of water object and sanitary conditions of water object, analysis of treatment facilities effectiveness and searching new technologies of waste water treatment, and also establishing the suitability of water for use by the relevant water users.

Modern technologies approaches allow to implement various methods of conducting analysis of waste water, specifically: chemical, physicochemical and physical methods. Chemical methods allow to define the water hardness and alkalinity, chemical and biochemical oxygen demand, acidity, concentration of sulfureted hydrogen, sulfides, sulfate ions and chloride ions, existence of dissolved oxygen, and also concentration of nitrogen. Chemical analysis of water can be in such configuration as: full (analysis for identification of 50 indicators of water quality), extend (30 indicators) and common (20 indicators for general appraisal of water quality). Physicochemical methods are even based on chemical reactions, but oriented for study of physical characteristics of water, among them often researchable are content identification of petroleum items and their separation, benzene, methanol, acetone, amino acids, phenol, quicksilver, nickel, cyanide. Physical methods are directed on studying of signals that are the results of nuclear transformation. Conduction of laboratory researches of waste water is very serious process, so it is better to engage specialists which can not only organize researches, but also fully control their conducting and preparing results of researches of waste water. The specialists of MCl, LLC have corresponded experience in organization and conduction of laboratory researches of waste water, and regarding to partnership with prestigious laboratory centers of State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection and laboratory of state enterprise «Ukrainian geological company», MCL, LLC can guaranty the quality and validity of researches results.

In addition, one of the most widely used methods of laboratory reaches is bacteriologic-sanitary analysis of water. It is oriented for identifying in water the following bacteria as coliform bacillus, staphylococcus, coliforms, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and also for researching the general quantity of microbes in water. It worth to note that there are always mentioned compulsory quantity of samples collection from artesian well for water quality control in terms of permission for special water use. Samples collection for bacteriologic laboratory research is conducted only by the specialist of authorized laboratory. Involving of corresponded specialist for samples collection is a warranty of successful laboratory research, because the current legislation establishes the requirements for samples collection. Therefore, it is better addressing to high-qualified specialists for samples collection and conduction of researches.

So, conducting of laboratory researches of waste water is required professionalism and high quality. Thus, involving of high-qualified specialists of MCL, LLC allows you to save your time and obtain the best service in determined term, and for productive cooperation with the best laboratory centers of Ukraine, you will be sure in quality of laboratory researches of waste water.

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