Identification of potentially hazardous object

Identification of economic activity object, that there is real hazard of emergency of anthropogenic character, conducted for improvement the organization of their account during certification and registration at State register of PHO due to the methods of their identification. This procedure approved by the order № 98 of State Emergence Service of Ukraine dated 23.02.2006 registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine by № 286/12160, dated 20.03.2006.

Responsible persons that conduct identification of PHO adjust the results of identification with local authorities of state surveillance in the field of civil protection.

Report of results of identification PHO given to local authorities of state surveillance in the field of civil protection for their generalization.

The identification results can use for development of preventive emergency measures and preparation to react on it.

Identification means the structure object analysis of economic activity and character of their functioning for determination of presence/absence hazard source, which can provoke emergency.

Internal and external factors are considered during identification. Internal factors characterized by the danger of buildings, equipment, technologic process of economic activity object and substances which are produced, recycled, storied or transported. External hazard factors are not related with economic object functioning, but can provoke emergency (nature catastrophes and disasters at close objects).

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