Development of project «Protection from noise» consisting of designing documentation, instrumental noise measurement

The noise is one of the widespread anthropogenic factors that influences on human health during production and in cities. The main sources of noise in cities are automobile, railway and air transport, metro landline, construction machines, technical equipment (including vent system), domestic noises on the territory of residential building.

The rule making of noise influence on human health is not new. There were soviet standards in this question in Ukraine until 2013. Begin from 2013 in Ukraine developed a variety of standards, such as:

  • SCN 1.1-31:2013 «The territory and buildings protection form noise»;
  • DSTU 1.1-32:2013 «The statement of protection project from noise in premises be sound-absorbing tools and screening»;
  • DSTU 1.1-33:2013 «The statement of calculation and protection project from noise of torrential territories»;
  • DSTU 1.1-34:2013 «The statement of calculation and sound-absorption project of envelope building accommodation and public buildings»;
  • DSTU 1.1-35:2013 «The statement of level noise calculation in premises and territories».

The sanitary rule making of noise influence on human health conducted in accordance with requirements of SN №3077-84 «Sanitary norms of appropriate noise level for the premises of domestic and municipal buildings, and for the territory of residential area».

Take into account the importance of noise influence on human health, the calculations of noise load often are in project evaluation of influence on environment (EIE). However, in many cases these calculations are not enough. Except of calculations of noise load, also, it is necessary to understand its sources and origin, and measures of its elimination. Therefore, it is important to have a project «Protection from noise» which involves:

  1. Determination of noise source and characteristics of projected object, and available external noise sources which influence on it;
  2. Calculation of expected noise level, provoked by sources of object near surrounding area;
  3. Calculation of expected noise level in premises and on territory of projected object from internal and external noise sources;
  4. Determination necessary reducing level of noise for each type of object source that influence on premises and surrounding area, and external noise sources;
  5. Development a complex of phonic measures for compliance normative noise order in premises, provoked by internal and external noise sources, and on surrounding area;
  6. Evaluation of sound-absorption of internal and external envelope building and development, if necessary, constructive decision to correspond the requirements of SCN 1.1-31:2013.

Protection designing of transport noise should represent:

  1. Calculation of transport noise characteristics (at designing stage of lineal object of transport-engineering infrastructure) depending on types, speed, intensity of traffic, technical characteristics of road and railway (type of road cover, gauge) including prospective intensity of traffic;
  2. Calculation of expected noise level on surrounding area with established noise level, and in premises of accommodation and public buildings;
  3. Determination necessary reducing level of noise to acceptable value on the territory and in premises;
  4. Development of hearing protection measures for compliance normative noise on the territory and in premises. Results of field measurements determine necessary reducing of transport noise level on surrounding areas of roads, main roads and railway.

High-qualified specialists of MCL, LLC conduct projects to determine factors that influenced raise noise level from different sources, and develop hearing protection devices and vibration isolation measures. During the development of hearing protection devices, we make technical decision aimed for enough phonic efficiency and minimize costs of noise elimination.

MCL, LLC can conduct a chapter «Protection from noise» and organize carrying out of all inspections and approvals. If you apply us, you will receive the best result saving your costs and time.