The services of disinfection, desinsection and deratization

The safety of food products and human health protection are the base of policy in sanitary-epidemiological control at enterprises, where there is a strict control for safety of production and technological processes and conditions of food products production. Therefore, such aspect as the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, insects, rodents and others, and also prevention for their occurrence, has a very important sense. For reducing the quantity of pathogenic microorganisms it used the preventive, antiepidemic and hygienic measures. These measures are carrying out the desinsection, disinfection and deratization of premises.

MCL, LLC as one of the leading businesses that provides the services in the sphere of ecology, sanitary-epidemiological control and environmental protection, can organize the carrying out of desinsection, disinfection and deratization of premises at your enterprise in collaboration with the experts of State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection and authorized organizations.

Disinfection measures are carried out at enterprises of food products production, supermarkets, food outlets, hotels and hostels, health improving establishments (sanatoriums, recreation houses, children’s camp, preventative clinics, maternity hospitals, early treatment clinics), residential houses, apartments and offices and its premises, stores. Disinfection for preventive measures means systematic cleaning of premises regardless of whether there are infections or sick. Disinfection for preventive purposes is only if its carrying out constantly. Current disinfection is carried out for preventing the spread of existing infectious disease. Final disinfection is carried out in case of epidemic outbreak or fatal cases. Mentioned below types of disinfection are conducted by the specialized certified organizations or authorized organizations of State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection.

The service of desinsection includes the complex of measures directed on destruction and prevention the occurrence of insects (flies, acrid, cockroaches, mosquitos, fleas, bugs). The carrying out of desinsection is possible not only in premises of enterprises, offices, stores, but also in residential houses and apartment. The main point of desinsection is its safety because the used chemicals must not effect on human health, in other words, they must be completely safe and non-toxic.

The complex of measures for deratization means not only the destruction of rodents, but also the prevention of their occurrence, therefore mice and rats are the source and carriers of hazardous infectious diseases. Methods that used in the process of controlling the rodents include using of chemicals (various types of poison) and installing traps. In addition, after destruction the rodents, authorized certified organization must carry out the cleaning of premises.

Also of the specific methods of controlling the pathogenic microorganisms is carrying out a fumigation. Fumigation is the complex of measures oriented on destruction the insects through using the poisonous steams and gases. The fumigation measures are conducted at grain elevators, mills, warehouses for vegetables, fruits, cereals and containers for agricultural products.

The effectiveness of carried out desinsection, disinfection, deratization and fumigation depends on used manners and methods, on quality of chemicals, and, correspondingly, on qualification of experts engaged to such procedures. Therefore, it is important to delegate the organizing and carrying out the measures of deratization, desinsection, disinfection and fumigation for sophisticated specialists of MCL, LLC which can select for you the best certified organization for safe and successful work. Applying to MCL, LLC you can be sure in quality of preformed work in determined time!