Conducting analysis for identification pathogens microorganisms on objects of unfinished construction

In recent times, due to the fact of huge quantity of unfinished construction project and low proposition on land market, more developers pay attention on objects of construction in progress. This is positive decision that it cannot possible underestimate. On one side, it solves critical question housing accommodation, and on other side – eliminate grey unfinished construction project. Therefore, for citizens and prospective clients it is positive decision, and for developers is a challenge to complete construction projects that for several years were under atmospheric effects and nature processes.

Possible mold contamination of walls, at first, causes danger to human life. Pathogenic microorganisms that occur on the wall surface are able to secure hazardous enzymes for health, which during contact with human organism can cause serious diseases. Except danger to life, pathogenic microorganisms damage walls and floor, where they formed, even cause full disintegration concrete or brick constructions.

Even modern construction materials that have antifungal characters, cannot eliminate fungus, which has already penetrated into walls. In addition, the danger is that in the early stages of contamination pathogens is extremely difficult to detect, because kames have branchy structure and are invisible for us. So, these microorganisms can occur on surface only in several years, during which they multiplied and harmed health. It is worth to note that these longtime contaminations do not simply eliminate and, as rule, it is necessary to repair new walls, floor and roof.

That is why developers whom plan to complete construction of buildings, walls must be sure before beginning of any works in absence of pathogens contamination of concrete constructions. In case of contamination, it is important in time and of high quality to conduct disinfection of contaminated constructions. MCL, LLC proposes to research about pathogenic microorganism’s identification. MCL, LLC has long-term experience in organization of these laboratory researches. Our partners are leading state and private organizations, the workforce of which consists of the most experienced and the best specialists in the sphere of sanitary-hygienic surveillance. For our clients we propose conducting of all works in form «ready-to-operate», including disinfection service.

This work will be conducted in a few stages. MCL, LLC will organize visit of specialists in object for establishing the necessary quantity of surveying. Further, we organize visit of laboratory to the object of potential pathogens contamination for conducting wash-offs. It is necessary to getting samples of microorganisms for control them. After this, at specialized premises these samples will grow up in regiment period (no less than 7 days). The recommendations and results of analysis proved by specialized laboratory center are given to client.

If the results of analysis confirmed the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in samples, MCL, LLC would propose to conduct disinfection for mold and fungus elimination. All measures of disinfection and pathogens elimination will be conducted by specialized state enterprises, which have adequate experience, scientific base and equipment.

MCL, LLC, thanks to its partners in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiologic surveillance, guaranties for its clients pathogenic microorganism identification, and in case of their presence in walls, roof or floor to conduct disinfection. In addition, pathogens identification and laboratory researches are a part of ecological outsourcing services. If you have confidence in solving your questions in the sphere of ecology and sanitary-epidemiologic surveillance to MCL, LLC, you will get reliable partner, which is able to provide you a full range of services of high quality, competitive prices and in limited term.