Conducting agrochemical research of soil

Soil and land in general, as one of the most valuable wealth of Ukraine, are tightly guarded by the national legislation. The requirements of land or soil management are well-defined in Land Code of Ukraine, in the Law of Ukraine «On land protection», in Law of Ukraine «On nature environmental protection», in Acts of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and in the orders of authorized ministers, DSTU ISO 11074-1:2004 «Quality of soil». The criminal and administrative responsibility for violation of lands can reach UAH millions of penalties and long period suspension from occupied position.

Soil pollution and contamination cause concern not only in state authorities and public organizations, but also in ordinary citizens and farmers, because annual losses of fertile lands are over 100 thousand ha. Soils and farmlands contamination are due to pollution of chemical substances, pollution of pesticides, pollution of radioactive substances, pollution of synthetic materials, contamination of dangerous waste. Return of fertile features of soil and returning degraded lands to satisfactory condition for plants cultivation is an expensive and log-term process, effectiveness of which often depends on timely reacting and determining the fact of pollution. To determine the soil pollution can through conducting researches for identifying agrochemical indicators of soil and identifying physical and chemical indictors of soil.

For big and small farms, the conducting researches of soil composition is an important part of production process, because the main indicators of soil can change, as agricultural crops change that cultivate on certain land plot. During choosing cultivated crop, or while determining the necessity of reclamation it is important to know actual physical and chemical composition of soil, agrochemical status of soil.

The last trends of increasing territories for development housing lead to anthropogenic impact on soils and lands in general.  According to the article 168 of Land Code of Ukraine «Soils protection», owners of land plots, conducting their activity which can disrupt top layer of soil, are obligated to conduct «…stripping, storing, preserving top layer of soil and applying it on plot form which it was removed (remediation) or on other land plot for increasing it productivity and other features» after obtaining corresponded agreements and permissible documents.

Taking into account that large-scale construction usually conducts within a city where an existing of fertile top soil is unlikely, owners of land plots or their representatives, which conduct construction, have a right to not comply the requirements of mentioned below article, but only if there is no fertile top layer of soil or overall absence of soil on land plot. The absence of fertile layer of soil can be determined through ordering a complex of services provided by the MCL, LLC. MCL, LLC, as a leading company of providing services in the sphere of ecology and nature resources protection, proposes to owners of land plots and enterprises, which conduct construction, a complex of services of organization researches for identifying agrochemical indictors of soil and executing report.

This complex of services consists of several stages. MCL, LLC organizes the visit of specialists in object to determine the necessity of sampling. Further, MCL, LLC organizes the visit of authorized laboratory in object for sampling of soil. In determined time (no less than 7 days) the client receives results of researches of soil samples. Approved results by authorized laboratory center together with recommendations are given to customer.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can order research for identifying agrochemical indicators of soil and execution of technical report at MCL, LLC by an adequate price with quality assurance confirmed by the best scientific institutions in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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