Certification for eco-labeling and environmental declaration ISO 14020

ISO 14020 (Environmental labels and declarations — General principles) on ecological labeling and declaration is a part of ecological management system of family standards ISO 14000 (requirements and principles of ecological management system).

Standard ISO 14020 on eco-labeling and declaration is developed for providing information about service or product in accordance to their ecological character, in other words, conditions occurred during supply of raw materials for their production, innovative technologies used during production and as far as used packing materials were safe. Permanent and potential buyers can use this information when choosing every service or product by analyzing their ecological, safety and clearness, and level of impact on environment. Whereas, producer and seller are sure that noted ecological label and declaration on services and products will be important during consumer choose their ones. Implementation of eco-labeling and declaration is effective for enterprise and as a result, market mass percentage of these outputs and services will increase, correspondingly, the quantity of consumers and profit will increase too. So, implementation of eco-labeling and declaration increases company`s competitiveness and stimulates other market participants to changes and research ecological aspects and components of their products and services, and this action leads to reducing of harmful impact on natural environment.

Document ISO 14020 is a set of instructions for development and implementation of ecological labeling and declaration. Implementation of other standards of family ISO 14020 foresees their combination with this international standard. The system of standards ISO 14020 divides ecological labeling and declaration on three types: ISO 14021 (type II – self-declared ecological claims), ISO 14024 (type I – ecological labeling) and ISO 14025 (type III – ecological declaration). During developing of ecological declaration program, the ISO specialists propose for entrepreneurs to use the following titles of their declarations: eco-profile, eco-leaf, and environmental product declaration (EPD).

Environmental product declaration has a form of report and consists of ecological information about product lifecycle, beginning from its development (which ecological technologies implemented into its production, as far as safe and clear resources are used in production process, or their rational usage) till utilization (waste management, their storage and disposal) and packing (which materials are used, or are recycled or are reusable). Such detailed information about product lifecycle is necessary for comparing analysis between products that execute the same function. This report (environmental product declaration) is designed by third party (group of experts or licensed organization), the competence of which are conducting of laboratory research for determine harmful factors at production, expertise of all documents related with raw materials procurement, implementation of technology, making managerial decisions for environment protection. The presence of tested environmental product declaration by third party allows for producer to use such statements as «ecological», «bio», «organic», «clear», «favorable to…».

Many producers and entrepreneurs, for highlight the safety and quality of products, use the following words as «ecologically clear», «ecologically «safe», «bio», «organic» etc. But without needed confirmation by third party, these statements are not valid, and consumer can not testify quality product at home. Thus, only certification guaranties the correspondence of products and services to ecological standardization requirements. In modern world current standards are developed by ISO specialists, but national organizations ratify and integrate them into local legislation. The aim of national policy in the sphere of ecology is an implementation of ecological labeling system of food products and items till 2020 in accordance to requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On main strategy of state ecological policy of Ukraine till 2020». Ecological labeling in Ukraine regulated by ISO DSTU 14024:2002 «Environmental labels and declarations. Type I environmental labelling. Principles and procedures». Technical rules of eco-labeling, approved by the act №529 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 18th of May 2011, establish requirements for ecological labeling implementation in Ukraine. Ecological certification in Ukraine is voluntary, but food products are obligatory for certification. There can be no obligatory ecological labeling for the following points: veterinary and medical preparations, pharmaceutical products, components of which are classified due to Ukrainian norms and standards as oncogenic, mutagenic, toxic and dangerous for environment.

According to the requirements of point 42 of technical rules of eco-labeling: business entity has a right to put ecological label on products only after signing an agreement on right to use eco-label with registered number of ecological label certificate.

Also, due to the requirements of point 4 of technical rules of eco-labeling, producers and sellers are forbidden to use false or unclear eco-labels or those that cannot be understand in right way. In addition, forbiddance covers the following unproven statements as «ecologically clear», «ecologically safe», «ecologically favorable», «favorable for soil», «non-polluting», «green», «favorable for nature» and «favorable for ozone».

Among Ukrainian enterprises ISO certificate for correspondence of ecological clearness, quality and safety have received TM «Oleyna», TM «Schedro», TM «ClearWater», TM «Green Day.Premium Eco Vodka», TM «Chernigivske», ТМ «SILTEK» and others.

If you want to pass certification due to ISO 14020, for doing this, you should address to licensed and authorized ISO bodies in your country. MCL, LLC is able at professional level to assess and analyze your activity and products that your company produces according to current requirements of family standards ISO 14020 and organize certification. Also, specialists of MCL, LLC can develop report on labeling of ecological product (environmental product declaration – EPD) and provide consulting services for ecological management system improvement, solving of individual problems for responsibility of environmental protection. Applying to MCL, LLC, you can be sure in quality of services, because our reliable partners in the sphere of ecology and hygienic-sanitary surveillance proved by time and our cooperation.