Certification due to ISO 22000

The safe food products in the contexts of ISO 22000 standardization are products that at the consumption moment (by final consumer) fully free from contact with hazardous factors. Taking into account that hazardous factor can appear during the processes of food products production, realization or transportation. It is very important to comply established requirements and watch out for all stages which food product passes. This special «food chain» can cover any enterprises and organizations activity of which related with food products: from pet food producers until cleaning company that conducts supermarket cleaning.

This standard advances certain requests to the management system of safety food products that for guaranty of their safety at all stages of production and realization combines the following components: instructions in real time, systematic management, programs and prerequisites, HACCP principles. These established requirements can provide for company the following possibilities:

  • Programming, implementing, execution, support of management system which targeted on products supply that are safe for end consumer;
  • Presentation the correspondence of used legislative and normative requirements to the safety food products;
  • Determining and evaluating of customers which close of safe food products for satisfying client`s demand;
  • Presentation of such correspondence for concerned parties and aims for certification and registration of management system of safety food products.

International standard ISO 22000 can implement all enterprises regardless of their size, which involved to «food chain» and desire to realize world control systems that guaranty the safe food products on a regular basis. Measures for satisfying the requirements of this standard can be presented as own resources and investments. Generally, investors are easy agreed to invest money in companies, which are certified by ISO 22000 and have more access to the market of food products realization.

Standard ISO 22000 can be implemented independently or be integrated with current quality management system ISO 9001. All developments of ISO 22000 standard were oriented on common standards in the area of quality control ISO. Many chapters of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 are matched, so the both these systems can be implemented together. Ukrainian government has approved DSTU ISO 22000:2007 «The management system of safety food products» and DSTU ISO:2009 that confirm the objectives of our state for integrating of European standards and guidelines.

Especially this standard is actual for organizations that want to have working and consistent food management system. For small-developed entrepreneurship, this system allows implementing already designed plans of measures for management. Undoubted benefits and possibilities, which are thanks for implementation of control system ISO 22000, are difficult to underestimate. There are some of them:

  • Trust increasing of end consumers at internal and external markets, foe enterprises that implement control system ISO 22000;
  • Appearance of new and modern tool for marketing and brand promotion;
  • Increasing of market competitiveness;
  • Levelling process of obstacles in trade with members of European Union.

Certification of system ISO 22000 is an absolute confirmation of that on enterprise are developed and implemented organizational and technics measures which correspond to the international requirements.

For passing certification under ISO 22000 standard, the company should address to company MCL, LLC for signing agreement for conducting primary audit about correspondence to ISO 22000 standards. The primary audit consists of two stages. The first stage refers as all-round documents analysis, location evaluation, and expository works with staff according to the official requirements. The second stage is aimed for verification of procedure practical execution, facts collection and general assessment of certification participation. In addition, during first three years it conducts annual supervisory audit. High-educated specialists of MCL, LLC qualitative and in time execute all tasks for getting ISO 22000 certificate.