Certification due to HACCP standard

The program of safe food products management HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) represented as measures and methods implementation for safety and cleanness of food items from chemical, biologic and physical hazards during production process. In other words, HACCP is a realization of preventive methods of safety before finished products fabricated. HACCP safety methods are possible to be implemented at all stages of «food chain», beginning from preparation before production, exactly production, packaging, storage and sale.

The major key elements of management system of food products at the enterprise address to HACCP principles, systematic management, plan (program) of preventive measures and interchange of information. The comprehensive interchange of information provides identification and control of hazardous factors, which can influence on products quality and safety at all stages of their productions. This interchange are conducted between all organizations involved into production and between suppliers and consumers. The plan of preventive measures consists of information about actions that are necessary to execute before starting work, during the process and at last stage. These are discharge of sewage and waste disposal, convenience of equipment, sanitary-hygienic measures and employee’s heath, management and control for procurement of raw materials and semi-finished products.

HACCP system certification is an absolute confirmation of that at the enterprise were developed and implemented organizational and technic measures, which correspond international requirements. For developing and implementing HACCP methodology, an entrepreneur should hold on executing of following seven principles:

  1. Hazards analysis and identification for design plan of preventive measures and their control.
  2. Identification of critical points of control helps not only determine hazards, but also in time prevent their repeated formation and completeness eliminate.
  3. Establishment of critical frameworks for each critical point of control prescribe minimum or maximum indicator of necessity execution of such measures as prevention, reducing or elimination of potential hazard for food products.
  4. Monitoring of control points is necessary in order for potential hazard always will be under control and never go outside of his frameworks.
  5. Development of correcting actions in case of hazardous level can exceed established limits.
  6. Development of verification procedure that implemented HACCP system works.
  7. Register of all actions, procedures and verifications and if it is necessary to demonstrate at local authorities and inspection service.

Which advantages can company obtain in case of HACCP implementation? The main and positive benefits of HACCP procedure implementation are:

  • Saving costs for long-run period due to reduction of expenses of products return, payment of penalties and adjudicatory jurisdiction.
  • Avoiding of poisoning consumers cases.
  • Increasing of safety food products standards.
  • Guaranty that your activity does not break the laws.
  • Increasing of quality products standards.
  • Production of safe and clear food because of corresponding hygienic conditions.
  • Increasing of consumer`s trust in quality products and as a result improving of company`s reputation.
  • Staff involving to teamwork and increasing of their efficiency.
  • HACCP principles compliance allows identify hazardous factors and takes the necessary measures in time.

The service of HACCP system implementation can be used those enterprises which activity to any extent related with food products production or distribution, especially:

  • farmers, producers of nutriments and balancers, retail outlets, food outlets, enterprises which products transported and storage, organizations which provide services of disinfection, cleaning and dishwashing;
  • companies which produced and transported equipment for food products production, materials and equipment for finished products packaging, producers of cleaning fluid, pesticides, fertilizers and minerals, veterinary medicines and all other materials, tools that can make contact with food products.

For passing certification under HACCP standard, the company should address to company MCL, LLC for signing agreement for conducting primary audit about correspondence to HACCP standards. The primary audit consists of two stages. The first stage refers as all-round documents analysis, location evaluation, and expository works with staff according to the official requirements. The second stage is aimed for verification of procedure practical execution, facts collection and general assessment of certification participation. In addition, during first three years it conducts annual supervisory audit. High-educated specialists of MCL, LLC qualitative and in time execute all tasks for getting HACCP certificate.