Quality management system ISO 9001

ISO 9000 reflects different elements of quality management and unites in itself the most popular ISO standards. These standards are an instruction for companies for ensuring that their products or services in fully satisfy the consumer needs, and time after time, their quality become better. System of ISO 9000 consists of ISO 9004:2008 (oriented on improving management system, making it more effective and productive), ISO 9001:2011 (oriented on internal and external audit of management system), ISO 9000:2015 (reflects the main terms and concepts of standardization) and ISO 9001:2015 (describes the requirements to the quality management system). It is interesting to note that ISO 9001:2015 (hereinafter – ISO 9001) is a renew version of ISO 9001:2008 (beginning from 15th of September this standard is invalid), and companies which have been certified due to this standard can be recertified until 15th of September 2018.

Thus, ISO 9001 is one of international standardization method of quality management system of companies or enterprises regardless of their size and type of activity for ensuring of their effectiveness or performance. This method of ISO 9001 certification reflects criteria for quality management system and contributes their certification. Nowadays there were over one million companies have successfully passed ISO 9001 certification in more than 170 world countries.

ISO history started in 1946 during the meeting of representatives from twenty-five countries at London Institute of civil engineers. There they decided to create international organization for simplification of coordination in the sphere of standardization at global level and unite international standards. Moreover, officially International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has become its activity on 23th of February 1947. From that moment, it was issued more than 21 000 of international standards, which united all aspects of production process and production technologies. For this moment the members of ISO organization are 163 world countries and 3 368 technical establishments which comprehensively support in standards design and improvement. The ISO headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

            We can consider that absolute advantages of ISO 9001 methodology are that it based on such principles of quality management system as focus on consumer, personnel engagement and motivation by top management, process philosophy and sustainable improvement. First, the principle of consumer focus means not only satisfying their needs, but also wishing to exceed their expectations. The main benefits of consumer focus are increasing of client loyalty, widening of client base, increasing of income and the size of market niche, and increasing of consumer value. The process philosophy of quality management system is aimed to increase the ability of focusing on key procedures and processes and, if it is necessary, to improve their, to optimize company`s activity thanks for effective management of process and rational materials and resources use, and reducing of operational obstacles. The principle of sustainable improvement is oriented on successful organizations and companies, because it means that these ones are able to react on internal and external factors, preparing new possibilities for business development. The compliance of principle of engagement of competent and authorized bodies into working process at all levels depends on knowing the essence of qualitative company`s objectives, motivation measures, personnel encouragement to creativity, leadership, truth and cooperation, increasing of attention to united values and corporate culture at all organization.

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