Project of the landfill of solid household waste

Can Ukraine solve a catastrophic problem of waste dumps? Will be in Ukraine’s future operational circular economy, in other words, the economy without waste? What should be the first step to find solution to problem of dumps or built the landfills of solid household waste with the violations of legal requirements? Maybe, the most of us have heard and personally witnessed the unauthorized landfills or rubbish left in parks, forests etc.

Accordingly to the approved National strategy of waste management up to 2030 by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, prescribed a reducing of waste generation the production process, and produced waste should be recycled to the secondary raw materials or used as biological fuel for energy producing. This is a mechanism of circular economy. An important principle of functioning of this mechanism is s waste sorting by the end-consumer. In other words, produced household waste must be sorted into glass, plastic, paper/carton, iron and organic. It allows using produced waste on target and in further, mitigates the waste accumulation on the landfills or dumps. It looks easy, but to implement such strategy both a state and people need to make many efforts. Ukraine has enough time to implement the European standards of ecological safety and using the non-waste technology in production process. However, for this time, our state has not finally turned into huge dump, it is necessary to ensure that the landfills of solid household waste operates safely to environment and people.

Officially, there are more 5 000 of landfills of solid household waste in Ukraine. However, we can be sure on fire, environmental safety of all these landfills. Unfortunately, it`s true.

Due to the current legislation, especially to the state construction norms «The landfills of solid household waste. The main requirements for designing» (including modifications in March 2017) and the Requirements of maintaining the landfills of solid household waste, business entity has to comply them. Otherwise, designed landfill of solid household waste with violation to legislation is a hazard to environment and human health. Firstly, the maintenance of landfills of solid household waste should be organized in such way for reducing the possibility of waste accumulation through construction of sorting center and installing of equipment to utilize the landfill gas.

Design of landfills of solid household waste better delegate on experienced and qualified specialists, therefore correctly designed engineering facility is a warranty of the complying the legislative requirements, environmental protection, mitigating the impact on human health and successful business activity. Entrusting the design of landfill of solid household waste to professionals of MCL, LLC, you can be sure in quality and ecological safety of designed landfill. For example, now, MCL, LLC together with partners take part in designing of the project and financial estimate of refurbishment of landfills of solid household waste in Khmelnitsky region. Regarding to our experience, we offer a service of designing of the landfills of solid household waste in state sanitary, constriction and environmental protection frameworks.

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