Obtaining the terms for wastewater discharge

Continuing the subject of wastewater discharge, it worth to note, that relationship regulations between business entity and PJSC «Kyivvodokanal» is conducted in accordance to the requirements of Rules of wastewater acceptance and discharge (water disposal) into sewerage system of Kyiv city. These rules were designed for violations preventing and reducing in the sewage system and facilities, increasing safety of their operation and effectiveness of wastewater treatment, and also for environmental protection and maintaining of optimal state of water objects. Therefore, the Rules of wastewater acceptance and discharge are the basis of relationships between service of water canal and its subscriber (enterprise which conducts wastewater discharge), so they consist of rights and obligations for both sides of these relationships, order of control for the compliance and execution of these Rules, procedure for calculating fees for wastewater acceptance /discharge, and also responsibility for their violations.

According to the Rules of wastewater acceptance and discharge, Vodokanal service is obligated to: accept, dispose and treat wastewater if wastewater have been discharged due to the established order and permissible concentrations of pollutant substances; conduct laboratory control for operations effectiveness of local sewage treatment facilities and for water quality of water object; control for the volumes and quality of water discharged by the water canal`s subscriber; issue an accounts for services of wastewater disposal; in case of accident immediately inform controlling authorities. Whereas, the competency of Vodokanal service are: granting or refusing of providing the terms for wastewater discharge; conducting the surveys of water-supply and sewage system of subscriber; determining a period of time for violation eliminating in case of it; conducting of wastewater samples be the qualified specialists of water canal service; conducting of chemical analysis of wastewater samples and making conclusions on actual concentrations of pollutant substances in wastewater; installing of special devices for monitoring the water quality in control wells of subscribers; and of course, accepting, water disposal and treatment of  an excessively polluted wastewater on the basis of relevant agreement between water canal service and subscriber.

According to the Rules the subscriber of Vodokanal has certain obligations, specifically: to sign a contract with Vodokanal and obtain the terms for wastewater discharge; in time to pay all accounts for water disposal services; to provide unrestricted surveys of sewage and water-supply systems; compulsory systematically testing the water quality discharged in accordance to established by the Vodokanal order of discharge, volumes and permissible concentrations of pollutant substances; to provide information about the volumes, quality and composition of wastewater every quarter for Vodokanal service and SEI; in case of violations – to eliminate them in determined time and if required to pay damages; business entities, activity of which is related with public catering, have to install fat collectors before wastewater discharge into sewage system; in case of changes of water-supply at enterprise of subscriber or implementing changes in technological process, construction or other processes, the subscriber must within seven days notify about changes the Vodokanal service and renew a passport of water service and, in parallel, obtain the terms for wastewater discharge into Vodokanal sewage system. The subscriber`s rights against water canal service are: due to the requirements of Rules subscriber can use local sewage system; in case of disputes of issued accounts, subscriber can appeal them in court; subscriber has a right to inspect the equipment of the Vodokanal before samples.

Therefore, the process of obtaining the terms for wastewater discharge into Vodokanal sewage system is required enough time and corresponded knowledge in the sphere of water use for correct execution of documentation, so it will be better to delegate it to high-qualified specialists. If you address to MCL, LLC, you can be sure in quality of performed tasks in determined time, full support during executing the passport of water service and the terms for wastewater discharge into Vodokanal sewage system.

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