Obtaining license of waste disposal

The procedure of compulsory licensing of landfills of solid household waste (SHW) has become law!

Taking into account catastrophic condition of landfills for municipal waste storage and disposal and in accordance to the laws of Ukraine «On natural monopolies», «On governmental regulation in the field of municipal services», «On licensing of types of business activities», «On National Commission that conducts governmental regulation in the field of energetics and municipal services», National Commission that conducts regulation in the field of energetics and municipal services (NCREMS) adopted an act № 467 from 04.04.2017 «On approval of license provisions for conducting business activity of household waste disposal».

This procedure applies to business entities that conduct or have intention to conduct activity related with household waste disposal for settlements with a population over 100 000 inhabitants, and or business entity conducts (or has intention to conduct) activity of household waste disposal on objects (landfill/waste disposal site) with a capacity of over 50 000 tons (200 000 cubic meters) per year.

The compliance of license provisions for conducting business activity of household waste disposal will significantly improve the ecological state of the environment and human health, especially in today conditions of neglected state of landfill of shw. Act of NCREMS on licensing of landfills obliges all licensees to comply the following measures: to take on industrial waste of IV class of danger only for using as isolating material; not take on household waste if they are mixed with other waste; to conduct radiometric control of all waste are taken; to humidify the landfill in a fire danger period; to conduct remediation of the queue of landfill; to control the status of underground waters, water bodies, atmospheric air, soils and plants, noise nuisance in zone of possible negative impact of place of activity and to provide an availability of:

  • Radiometric controlling devices;
  • Hydrotechnical constructions against flooding of storm and melt waters;
  • Impermeable membrane;
  • Drainage system for collecting and seepage water drainage;
  • Biogas collection and disposal systems;
  • Remediation project of each queue of landfill/waste disposal site and remediation project of landfill/waste disposal after their closure, etc.

Act № 467 of NCREMS also prescribes the list of documents for obtaining license of landfill of shw, particularly, these are:

  1. An information about conducting business activity (specialized transport, equipment).
  2. A copy of document confirming the presence of accredited laboratory which controls water, air, soils and plants, noise nuisance or an agreement with such laboratory.
  3. A copy of passport of place for waste disposal (PWD passport).
  4. Copies of documents confirming proprietary rights on land plot.
  5. Information about place of conducting business activity of household waste disposal.

Separately, we draw your attention to the fact that according to the paragraph 11 of Act №808 of Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine household waste management (disposal) is a high environmental hazard and requires compulsory conducting of EIE and obtaining conclusion of state environmental expertise!

MCL is a company with significant experience in the sphere of ecology and sanitary-epidemiological surveillance, proposes for business entities, regardless on their allocation and of planned volume of waste for disposal, to project the waste recycling facilities including landfills, to obtain license for conducting business activity of household waste disposal.

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