MCL is a part of Ukranian wind energy association (UWEA)

In May 2018, MCL, LLC has become a member of Ukrainian Wind Energy Association (UWEA), activity of which is directed on expansion of wind power technologies and protection of interests of wind power sector in the international and national markets. The members of association are the leading producers of wind turbines and equipment for its installing and functioning, developers of wind energy projects, construction and energy companies, lawyers, ecologists, scientists, public organizations etc. Ukrainian Wind Energy Association collaborates with the government authorities for communication of experience and contributes a development and expansion of wind energy technologies.

Officially in Ukraine there are operates 26 wind parks, nine of which – on the Crimean peninsula. General power capacity of installed wind farms is 594.07 megawatt by the end of 2017. Accordingly, to the predictive information by the UWEA, the annual increasing of wind farms capacity is expected to be 200 megawatt. Today, wind power stations are under construction and design stages in Kherson, Odesa, Mykolayiv, Zaporizhzhya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Transcarpathia regions. The most powerful wind power station is a Botievo wind farm, located in Zaporizhzhya region, with the capacity of 200 MW. Each year of Botievo wind farm’s operation reduces the emissions of pollutant by approximately 730 thousand tonnes of CO2.

In 2017, the members of UWEA took part in development of two important laws-in-draft of wind energy sector, namely: the law of Ukraine «On the market of electric energy» and New energy strategy of Ukraine up to 2035. These government regulations have to become the base of long-term development of renewable energy sector for Ukraine.

As part of its activities Ukrainian Wind Energy Association cooperates with government specialized establishments and educational institutions of the energy sector (National University of Water Management and natural Resources Use, The Institute of Renewable Energy o the NAS of Ukraine, Association of Distribution System Operators (ADSO)) and foreign scientific and research centers (Ukraine Denmark Energy Center (UDEC), Turkish Wind Energy Association (TWEA)). In addition, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association acts as the organizer and participant of national and international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, economic forums and wind energy congresses directed on energy development.

Partnership of MCL, LLC with Ukrainian Wind Energy Association provides an implementation of wind energy projects in Ukraine regarding to participating of multi businesses-members of UWEA. As part of the association, the specialists of MCL, LLC will be involved in assessment of projects in terms of impact on environment, biodiversity, compliance with environmental legislation and sanitary norms, as well as permissible documentation of business activity.

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