MCL is a licensed assessor of BREEAM certification!

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a system of energy efficiency assessment of buildings or standard of green certification. BREEAM standard was developed by the British research organization BRE Global in 1990. Since the development of the BREEAM standard, 566 700 certificates have been issued in 77 countries around the world. BREEAM assessment system is focused on certification of industrial objects, business centers, residential complexes and malls. BREEAM assessment method is a cross-functional because a flexibility of standard allows to start ecological certification at design stage, maintenance and refurbishment.

BREEAM system assesses object by the following criteria: use of energy, water, resources, health protection and safety of employees, innovative solutions, land plot of object`s allocation, pollution, transport access and waste management at object. Each category is estimated and shows the effect of factors. While BREEAM assessment, from each category it is necessary to identify the required tasks which are subject for obtaining points. If by certain criteria the required number of points is collected for the corresponding category, which reflects to the certain criteria, the required number of points is received. All received points are summed. Total amount of points indicates the received certificate. The certification object can get one of the following BREEAM certificates: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, and Outstanding.

The experts of real estate market define the following benefits of certification BREEAM:

  • Increasing of the investment attractiveness;
  • Increasing of profit by 6-7% for office buildings through certification scheme Breeam International New Construction;
  • The prestige of renting office in building certified by BREEAM;
  • Reducing of expenses for building maintenance through effective energy use;
  • The ability to use BREEAM logos under construction stage;
  • Improving of labor conditions and comfort level of employees;
  • Guarantee of using technologies, resources for sustainable development;
  • Certification object is referred as friendly to environment;
  • Increasing of the costs of building.

In September, our company was licensed by the BRE Global for BREEAM International New Construction certification in accordance with the requirements of standard. At the moment the specialist of MCL, LLC certify two objects located in Kyiv. One of this is the mall, and another – residential building. In accordance to the requirements of BREEAM standard to the process of certification must be involved the Assessors or Auditors licensed by BREEAM, project designers, environmental engineers in the field of water resources and atmospheric air protection, waste management. Our company has certified assessors by BREEAM with experience of BREEAM certification in Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe.

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