License for disposal of the used accumulator batteries

The problem of waste management is very sensitive for Ukraine today. Due to the inefficient use of generated waste, their excessive accumulation is observed. An effectiveness of waste use as secondary raw material depends on national legislation, ecological awareness and way of thinking of Ukrainian people, which are ready to sort household waste.

The accumulator batteries, low-energy light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are the hazardous waste because they contain mercury, plumb, cadmium, manganese and other hazardous chemical elements. They are extremely hazardous to the environment and human health, because they accumulate in tissues and cause diseases. We use batteries and electron valve in our daily lives, that`s why it is important to pass they for utilization to licensed business entities that use environmentally friendly ways of storing, recycling, utilizing or disposal of hazardous waste. Regarding to approved law «On modifications of certain legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of waste management», it prescribes the sorting of hazardous waste from solid household waste by end consumer. In other words, used batteries should be separately collected in special container in the designated place and transferred for utilization to licensed enterprises. Because, one used battery contaminates 20 m2 of soil or 400 liters of water, and one low-energy light bulb contains from 3 to 5 mg of mercury! According to the operations of landfills of solid household waste, it known that each year they receive about 150 kg of cadmium, 500 kg of mercury and almost 500 tons of sodium chloride and manganese compounds. The time of breakdown of used batteries is over 200 years.

What does the hazardous waste mean? The law of Ukraine «On waste» establishes the requirements of hazardous waste management for business entities that operate with hazardous waste. This law determines that the hazardous waste is a type of waste with biologic, physical, chemical and other features, the using of which requires special methods and equipment. Therefore, organizations that collect, store, recycle and dispose of batteries and other mercury sources must have a license to conduct such activities. To obtain license for hazardous waste management business entity should comply with a certain procedure due to the requirements of environmental legislation. MCL, LLC as one of the leading company in the field of ecological services and waste management offers a complex of services to obtain license (permission) for collecting, storing, recycling and disposal of used accumulator batteries and bulbs complying with current sanitary and legislative requirements of hazardous waste management.

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