International standard system of management ISO 22000

ISO22000 is an international standard system of management in the area of safety food products and derivative standard from ISO 9000. For the first time this standard was published in 2005 by International Organization for Standardization. It is a first standard, which allows implementing and putting to use management system of safety food products. ISO 22 000 has combined the main fundamentals on that were developed the system of analysis of concrete types of hazards and identification of critical control HACCP points, and measures for this system implementation. ISO 22000 includes in itself else six standards that specialize and explain standard implementing for each type of activity.

International standard ISO 22000 is aimed to combine and coordinate at world level right requirements of management system of safety food products for enterprises and organizations activity of which related with products. The main reasons of necessity of ISO 22000 developing were an absence of finished products safety that might be guaranteed by enterprise, which realized these products. Therefore, enterprise, which involved in the processes from raw materials preparation to product transportation, can guarantee the safety of all ingredients and compliance of storage requirements.

This global standard establishes certain requirements for management of safety food products. ISO 22000 is useful for all enterprises and organizations, which involved in the process of food products production, transportation, realization, utilization.

ISO 22000 was developed based on general principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and world experience in control system. Nowadays this standard refers as best improved management method that allows aligning the production of safe food products and their transportation, storage and realization. Developing of this standard allowed combining general requirements of worldwide standard ISO 9001 in the area of HACCP food products management. More detailed information about HACCP you can find here.

The management system envelopes products with short and long period of storage, food ingredients, food supplements, materials for products packaging, equipment and washing substances.

According to the standard the necessary criteria for enterprises involved in production process are:

  • Only special technics, auto transport, equipment usage;
  • Safety of building exploitation, in time equipment verification and its qualified service;
  • Conditions and control for adequate raw materials usage;
  • Right management with semi-finished products and finished products;
  • Supply of water, steam, air in time and in necessary volume;
  • Conducting measures for prevention of surface, containers and packaging materials pollution;
  • Pests control;
  • Control over compliance of sanitary-hygienic requirements in the sphere of product management;
  • Control over staff health and hygienic.

The standard`s advantages and its accessibility for enterprises or organizations of any development level cause great interest of a major part Ukrainian companies. Every day more than ten organizations receives ISO 22000 certificate. Official publication of DSTU ISO 22000:2007 «The management system of safety food products» which entered into force by the order №72 2007–08–01 of Ukrainian Agency for Standardization dated 2 April of 2007, confirms actuality and necessity of companies and organizations standardization in the area of safety food products management.

MCL, LLC, basing on experience of reliable partners in the sphere of international certification, has a possibility very quickly and in accordance to official requirements to provide for any enterprise all instruments for corresponding due ti requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP. Certain companies involved into food production, its transportation or sale, excluding food outlets, have positively expressed from cooperation with MCL, LLC in the area of ecology and sanitary-hygienic surveillance. Entrusted to MCL, LLC`s specialists ISO certification, national agro holding and non-residents received opportunity without obstacles to realize their outputs at world market.

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