Evaluation of impact on surroundings

On third of May 2017 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has approved the law «On evaluation of impact on surroundings», which comes on force from 18th of December 2017. This law prescribes the main organizational and legal frameworks of conducting the evaluation of impact on surroundings from planed activity. Planned activity of business entity means realization of planed activity of construction, expanding, reconstruction, re-equipment or retirement (liquidation) of business or other disturbance of nature environment taking into account the possible impact on surroundings. In other words, it means that the evaluation of impact on surroundings is conducted before making decision to realize the planned activity by business entities through providing to authorized local empower a letter in written form about intentions of realization of planned activity. The impact on surroundings from planned activity means the impact of results of business entities’ activity on human health, status of flora, fauna, atmospheric air, soil, water objects, landscape and historical-architectural sights.

Is there a question of concerning the requirements of this law by all business enteritis of our country? In accordance to the article 3 of the law of Ukraine «On evaluation of impact on surroundings», the sphere of influence of law is oriented on business entities of the first and second category, that can significantly and negatively impact on surroundings. The fist category includes: gas and oil refining plants; heat power stations (of capacity more than 50 megawatt) and nuclear power stations, nuclear reactor; enterprises of iron and non-ferrous industry; enterprises of chemical industry (biochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical production, production of mineral amendments, lacquers, paints, polymeric materials and other substances); management with hazardous, household and other waste (their storing, recycling, disposal); construction of airports, highways, railway stations, river ports; abstraction of underground waters; mining of oil and gas from continental shelf; construction of quarry and mining of mineral resources; enterprises of production asbestos and asbestine materials; wastewater treating facilities; phased and sanitary cutting of forestry and reserved areas; construction of electric lines. The second category of business entities that are obligated for evaluation of impact on surroundings are: enterprises of forestry and agricultural industries; deep drilling for radioactive waste disposal or for water supplying; enterprises of recycling the mineral raw materials, metal producing and finishing; enterprises of food products, textile, paper, leather and wood-working industries; infrastructural projects (construction of tramways, pipe lines, hydro technical facilities, metro lines). You can find more information on business entities here.

According to the requirements of current environmental protection legislation, if during performing activity or designing of planned activity business entity can cause significant negative impact on surroundings and environment, so it must compulsory timely and fully inform the publicity about possible impact from planned or already performed activity. Informing the publicity is carried out through publishing information in mass media, web sites of authorized local body, which contributes the business entity to Unified register of evaluation of impact on surroundings. If the publicity has claims or propositions of impact on surroundings from planned activity, they can declare it in established procedure by law through holding the public hearings. The report of evaluation of impact on surroundings and all information concerning of planned activity must be in open access for publicity.

For conducting of evaluation of impact on surroundings an entrepreneur should send a letter on planned activity to authorized local body, the competency of which is review of provided information and contributing of propositions on impact on surroundings and, of course, executing the conclusion on evaluation of impact on surroundings. The business entity prepares the report on impact on surroundings from planned activity including opinions, remarks and propositions of publicity and authorized local body.

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