Environmental reporting of enterprise for 2017

We`d like to inform you that it is time to prepare and provide the state ecological (environmental) reporting!

Humans try in every way to rationalize the use of resources for minimizing waste production and exhausting of these resources. For this, it was developed the requirements in the field of water use and waste management that enterprise must comply. Government collects, systematizes and analyses information for controlling under environmental status.

The state registration of water use is conducted in order to ensure the compilation of the state water cadaster under the section «Water use» and to systematize information about water abstraction, water use, wastewater discharge, the availability of wastewater treatment systems.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs activities of which are subject to state registering for water use must provide annual reporting on water use due to the established form.

This report includes data about water abstraction, water use, water transmission, expenses of water, water disposal any additional indicators of water use.

This report must be submitted until 1 February!

MCL, LLC can assist you quickly and of high-quality to execute report and obtain permission for special water use. Our company provides professional services in the field of special water use for many years. Thanks to partner agreements with leading enterprises in the field of ecology and management of nature resources, MCL, LLC provides services of high-quality for obtaining permission for special water use for enterprises of any activity and location.

Additionally, it is necessary to submit a waste declaration. It required already up to 20th of February. Waste declaration is provided once per year by enterprises activity of which lead to waste production and the indicator of waste production is between 50 and 100. The general indicator of waste production (GIWP) is calculated including the volumes of waste production for each class of danger for reporting period. Waste declaration consists of information about types of waste, code, class of danger, the volume of waste production for reporting year.

MCL, LLC regarding to long-term experience in preparing of waste inventory for enterprises of any sizes and types of activity, can propose to calculate the GIWP and prepare of waste inventory under mutually agreed terms. Choosing MCL, LLC, you will get a reliable business partner in the field of ecology, management and law.

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