Environmental impact assessment in case of business process re-engineering, technical reequipment, capacity addition or modernization

Implementation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) in Ukraine is a compliance of signed The Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement. The law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment» was become a law in December 2017.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is carried out before realization of planned activity. Because of environmental impact assessment, business entity has to obtain a statement (conclusion) for a right to realize planned activity. In other words, it forbidden to conduct planned activity without statement on environmental impact assessment.

Otherwise, the requirements of the law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment» are applicable to those types of activities that business entities conduct at first time, but also in case of modernization, overhaul maintenance, technical re-equipment, capacity addition and business process re-engineering. The checklist of types of activity that are the subject of environmental impact assessment is defined in article 3 of the law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment». Put in other words, business entity, which already carries out business activity, but has plans to change a technology or re-engine business process, is obligated to conduct the environmental impact assessment (EIA). The new technology or changes at enterprise can causes an increasing of emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air, pollution of water bodies or soils and harms human health. After analysis of this impact, business entity can implement measures to reduce of the negative impact on environment.

Environmental impact assessment is directed on detailed studying of the levels, intensity of impact of planned activity on environment. An important moment after obtaining positive statement on EIA is the compliance of recommendations designated in it and after project monitoring for a few years to define the deviations from prognosis levels of impact and effectiveness of implemented measures for preventing environmental pollution. The procedure of EIA for business entities activity of which related with business process re-engineering or modernization is a similar as to all types of activity accordingly to the article 3 of the law of Ukraine «On environmental impact assessment». This is preparation of the letter of advice on planned activity, publication of letter of advice in mass media, getting comments and proposition from community, preparing of the report on environmental impact assessment including public opinion, holding of public discussions and obtaining the statement on environmental impact assessment.

For companies-contractors in the process of EIA for all types of activity related with re-engineering, modernization or overhaul maintenance, preparation of the report on environmental impact assessment can be conducted based on the materials of evaluation of impact on environment. The companies-contractors carry out the researches of possible impact on flora and fauna, quality of soils, water resources and human health for more comprehensive analysis of impact on environment. Based on the data of carried out researches the contractors can make the conclusion of the levels of impact on environment. The procedure of environmental impact assessment includes a many processes and tasks without which it is impossible fully estimate the environmental impact.

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