Entered into force modifications to the “Rules of construction costs”

Accordance to the order of the National authority of standardization from 1 June 2018 become into force a modification DSTU 1.1-1:2013 «Rules of construction costs». This DSTU is changed for substitution the state construction norms 1.1-1-2000. DSTU 1.1-1:2013 «Rules of construction costs» defines the general requirements for costs of new construction, major capital works, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of buildings and constructions, infrastructural facilities and restoration of objects of urban development and architecture.

The compliance with the norms of DSTU 1.1-1:2013 «Rules of construction costs» is mandatory in the process of determining the construction costs of objects that are financed by the budget funds, funds of municipal and state organizations and sovereign credit.

And with it, due to the requirements of DSTU 1.1-1:2013 «Rules of construction costs» prescribed a possibility to involve not only the costs for maintaining the customer services to the paragraph 10 «Maintenance of customer service», but also costs for engaging the business entities to consult in the field of construction to the process of determination of construction costs. At same time, in case of involving the specialists for consultations, the costs of their services should not exceed 5.5% of the estimates of paragraphs 1-9. In such manner, approval of DSTU 1.1-1:2013 «Rules of construction costs» is an official implementation of an occupation «engineer-consultant» in construction sector with its qualified characteristics.

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