Deviations from SCN in the context of sanitary Rules and Norms

All business entities, regardless on their type of ownership, which conduct or have intend their activity in the sphere of urban development, construction of industrial facilities or other huge/small industrial objects, have to correspond the rules, standards and norms of SCN, Sanitary Rules and Norms and SSR. All project documentation, its content and structure have to design in accordance to the requirements of urban development activity. But due to the article 5 of the law of Ukraine «On construction norms» prescribes the justifying of deviations from the construction norms with complying to the safety requirements of the future or existing real estate object. Therefore, the laws of Ukraine prescribe the deviations from construction norms in some individual cases with the availability of justifying and compulsory agreement in established order by the state authorities in the sphere of sanitary and epidemiological control.

If during the projecting of objects construction, circumstances or other terms make impossible a full carrying-out the requirements of SCN and other normative and legal documents, so in such case the business entity has a right to avoid certain construction norms or standards if he can provide to relevant controlling authorities a letter with justified reasons and circumstances that prevent or even make impossible the compliance of norms. Properly detailed and scientifically justify the reasons of non-compliance with the legislation of the business entity on its own is difficult. It is better to delegate it to the specialists of designing individual project solutions in the sphere of ecology, sanitary-epidemiological control and environmental protection, therefore such specific item is required en experience of innovative solutions implementation in critical situation in frameworks of compliance the construction norms and standards.

As the experience of specialists of MCL, LLC shows that it is better to identify in time the circumstances and obstacles that prevent the compliance of the requirements of current construction norms of Ukraine, not hesitate, but to have consultations with sophisticated specialists and experts, together choose the most optimal solution for successful realization of your project in legal frameworks and avoiding claims of controlling authorities.

Among hundreds of cases considered by our specialists, cases of violations of insolation and violations of the distribution substations (DS) location are most common.

Insolation (luminance) is an influx of sunlight. The required levels of optimal insolation are determined by the Instructions of insolation calculation for civilian objects of DSTU-N B2.2-27:2010. In case of new construction, especially residential multi-storey building, it is necessary to foresee the location of a new building, taking into account the sufficiency of sunlight for neighboring existing or future buildings. If current construction project does not correspond to sanitary norms and can obscure the neighboring buildings, it should adjust the project documentation with the justifying the possibility of deviations from construction norms due to the individual solutions.

 Thanking to productive long-term collaboration with the State Institution «O.M. Marzeiev institute for public health» NAMSU MCL, LLC proposes clients a full range of services in the sphere of sanitary-epidemiological surveillance and provides professional services of projecting individual solutions, their implementing and justifying the cost engineering of anthropogenic factors on human health in case of deviations from SCN in the context of sanitary Rules and Norms.

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