Company MCL, LLC

MCL, LLC is a multibusiness company that provides Management, Consulting and Law services in the field of ecology.

The company was established 2011 by the group of specialists in the sphere of ecology, consulting, management and jurisprudence. During a few years of effective work, we amassed positive experience in conducting of ecological services for leading European and Ukrainian companies.

Our clients, first, evaluated convenience and operational efficiency of receiving a full package of ecological services within the frameworks of single company, quality and speed of providing services, respectability of pricing.

The purpose of company establishing and functioning is providing of full range of qualitative ecological services, based on data of the best Ukrainian research organizations according to the requirements of current legislation, which guarantee effective and safe activity.

Our mission

Our mission involves a priority implementation of european experience into ukrainian reality for economic security of your business and ecological prosperity of environment.

We propose you

We propose you a full range of ecological services in compliance with norms and requirements of current legislation of ukraine in the sphere of environmental protection.

We have

We have stable partnership with scientific research organizations, laboratories and relevant state and non-state authorities. it is a guaranty of timely decision of ecological request of any difficulty.

Our specialists

Our specialists are the members of international ecological organizations. they have positive experience of project implementation, and they is able to application of experience of the best ecological technologies.

Our advanatages

A complex approach

Unique in ukraine, comprehensive and integrated approach to your environmental issues.


Guarantee of providing professional services and proper execution of documentation without attacks.


There are partnership agreements with many partners of similar and related fields.

Saving time

Significant savings of your time and costs because of providing a set of services within the framework of single company.


Ensuring ecological, sanitary and technological security of your business.


High appraisal of our business from the leading ukrainian international companies.

Geography of works