The development and approval of technical conditions, technological procedures, rules, norms and standards in the field of ecologic safety

Technological procedure is an official document that consists of information about procedure, order of different production and technological processes at enterprise. Technological procedure includes the rules in accordance to the legislative requirements. The business entity and state controlling authority approve the developed technological procedures. After approval of technological procedures, business entity has to comply all rules and terms of technological procedures and use monitoring measures for technological processes at enterprise. Implementing and complying of the requirements of technological procedure contributes for producing satisfactory and safe commodities. According to the legislative requirements, each technological procedure must correspond to established and approved pattern.

The structure of technological procedure looks like: the general characteristics of production processes; information about commodities, products or materials produced at enterprise; information about raw materials used for production; characteristics of technological processes; information about disorders, advantages and defects, causes of occurrence and elimination plan; characteristics of control methods over production and technological processes; developed and implemented safety rules and instructions; information about quantity of used raw materials and resources per year; information about waste, emissions of pollutant substances into atmospheric air and wastewater discharge; characteristics of equipment, machinery and instruments required during production process; production process layout.

Technical specifications or technical conditions (TC) is a regulatory document consisting of technic requirements imposed to product, commodity or service. TC can be as a part of engineering, technological or other technic documentation of commodity and as separate document. Technical conditions as separate document must consist of requirements to article, its producing, controlling and transporting.

The requirements for development of technical conditions are identified in DSTU 1.5:2015 «National standardization. The rules, structure, statement, requirements to the content of regulatory documents». In respect of signing of the President of Ukraine the law «On standardization» (Statements of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2014, № 31, p.1058), compulsory registration of technical conditions is canceled. In such way, the business entity by own efforts can develop technical specifications of product, but must be verified and enter the developed technical conditions to the Base of technical specifications of Ukraine. Verification of TC is carried out for analysis of TC content for correspondence and relevance to the current standards and requirements and in case of disputes concerning the technical procedure of commodity production.

To develop the technical specifications it`s required: information about output or article produced; characteristics of raw materials used for output producing including the corresponding conclusions of sanitary-hygienic expertise; production process layout; if required a description of article or draft. By own efforts to develop and implement the technical specifications is quite difficult, that`s why it is better to delegate it on the specialist of TC development. Because correctly developed TC guarantees the safety and quality of commodities.

Thanks to collaboration with specialized state authorities, the competency of the specialists of MCL, LLC is the development and implementation of technological procedures and technical specifications for any article or technological processes.