Supervision and control during remediation

The companies, organizations and institutions, which develop mineral and peat deposits, conduct geological explorations, surveying, constructions and others actions on agricultural lands given them for use. They are obliged to do up suitable for agricultural, forest sector or fisheries when there is no necessity of these lands.

The companies, organizations and institutions which involved in construction, production, development of mineral deposits and other works related with soil disturbing, are obliged to remove, preserve and drift the fertile layer of soil or low-output lands.

Remediation of soil fertility, that reclaimed for agricultural or forest sector, conducted by land-users at the cost of companies, organizations and institutions which carried out works related with soil disturbing.

The supervision service for reclamation is given by the principle of quality control and execution of project decisions control. Since only responsible and correct reclamation is able to do up technogenic disturbed soil suitable for agricultural and forest sector.

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