Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zones

Sanitary-hygienic zone – is a territory around production objects aimed for protection of residential and public buildings, recreation zones, health resorts from possible harmful impact from objects. The sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone (SHZ) are defined and regulated by project documents, technological guidelines of equipment and state normative acts and State Sanitary Rules 173-96. The main objects of impact on population are vibration, hazardous substances emissions into atmospheric air and other biological, chemical, radioactive potentially hazardous objects of impact. The correcting and defining of sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone are conducted in such way as the concentration of harmful substances or noise levels, vibration does not exceed maximum permissible concentration.

It is forbidden to allocate in sanitary-hygienic zone residential buildings, recreation zones, gardens, sanatoriums and cottage complexes, individual or collective summer cottage, children`s playgrounds and sports playgrounds, recreational and treatment establishments, educational institutions. Although, in SHZ is prohibited allocation of enterprises of production medical preparations and agents, storages for saving substances and materials of pharmaceutical production, objects of food industry, storages for saving food staples and food products, objects of water-retaining constructions for potable water.

Many times, production enterprises that located in settlements or neighboring with residential buildings, meet the necessity of reducing sanitary-hygienic zone as a result of changes in technological process. For example, while using new raw materials or installing new equipment, extensive sizes of SHZ can change. Such possibility achieves regarding roadside clear zone – is a distance from sources of chemical, biological and physical impact (pollution) that reduce these impacts to hygienic normative points and dimensions of assumed risk for human health.

MCL, LLC proposes a complex of services for reduction SHZ, minimization of sizes of SHZ, conduction of expertise of materials for SHZ organization. Regards to productive long-term cooperation with State Institution «O.M. Marzeiev Institute for Public Health» NAMSU, MCL, LLC can guarantee positive result in determined term.

The sizes of defined sanitary zone can be reduced when on its border with residential buildings or other similar object, the concentration of harmful substances in air, noise levels, vibration and other types of impacts does not exceed hygienic norms. The reducing of harmful impact can be achieved through implementation of modern production equipment, materials and special technologies directed on minimization of negative impact from production objects.

Because of high demand on real estate market and in conditions of limited supply on market lands suitable for residential buildings, developers pays attention on lands within SHZ. For such situations MCL, LLC proposes two decisions, which allow using lands of sanitary-hygienic zone:

Reduction of sanitary-hygienic zone

This way is voluntary measure for owner of sanitary-hygienic zone in case of production modernization and implementation of new technologies that reduce negative impact on human health. Therefore, this variant to obtain permission for using lands of sanitary-hygienic zone is obligated the owner of SHZ to modernize production processes and implement new technologies that requires financial investments for such innovations.

Justification of opportunity to allocate residential buildings within sanitary-hygienic zone

This way to obtain permission for using lands of SHZ prescribes the design of special project decisions and measures for maintaining hygienic norms, established for settlements, by interested party of using lands of SHZ. In such way, interested party of using lands of SHZ guarantees complying established norms and levels of impact on human health and activity.

MCL, LLC proposes you a complex of services which allows your enterprise performing activity in accordance to requirements of current national sanitary legislation. The services for reducing sanitary-hygienic zone or for justification opportunity to allocate residential buildings within sanitary-hygienic zone are conducted in form «ready-to-operate», including designing of special project decisions, necessary laboratory measurements, calculations of possible noise and vibration and supporting of documents at all state authorities of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and environmental protection.