Projection of dairy farms

Our company offers the engineering services of dairy livestock breeding complex regardless on their operational stages: new construction, rehabilitation or expansion. The projection of dairy farms is a complex of development of technological schemes of allocation processing, administrative and warehousing modules for efficient work of a whole complex.

Dairy livestock breeding complexes are differentiated as breeding and dairy farms. Breeding farms are aimed for specific bred of a cow to produce milk and meat. At dairy farms cows are kept for milk production. The layout and area of dairy farms depends on location and livestock number.

Layout and area of dairy farm depend on location and livestock number. The structure of dairy farm looks like: cow building, feed storage and bedding, milking unit, maternity pens and artificial insemination center. Cow building consists of feeder, stalls, dung drains, pass ways.

Modern cow buildings are designed upon conditions of uncontrolled livestock. During projection is important to develop an effective ventilation system. For air exchange of cow building in the side walls, metal blinds are installed, which are automatically or manually lowered and raised for fresh air flowing. Thanks to this technology in summer the inner of cow building room is constantly airing thereby providing of high-quality ventilation and improving the sanitary conditions of livestock breeding.

If the metal blinds are installed, the roof of the cow building is designed with insulation and windows for natural light. Roof insulation is carried out more dense layer than the walls, to prevent heat loss. Natural light is an essentially important for sanitary-hygienic conditions: improves working conditions of employees, livestock breeding and energy saving. Installation of windows in the roof is based on the location of passages and the planned number of rows.

Projection of dairy farms and cow buildings by the engineers of MCL, LLC is an optimization of technological processes for effective operations of dairy farms. In our work, we rely on practical experience and knowledge of engineers and customer needs in order to develop a successful project of cow building and reduce the costs of its construction.