Projecting of construction

The projecting of objects construction is a compulsory stage of any construction, therefore the process of design the project documentation has to correspond the requirements of current legislation in urban development activity, construction norms, and standards. The main terms and definitions are noticed in article №31 of the law of Ukraine «On urban development activity» and in order of designing the project documentation for objects construction. In addition, these normative acts prescribe the list of objects the project documentation of which must be compulsory examined.

Projecting of objects construction is a very difficult and major process conducted only by specialist who has certificate of qualification confirming their ability to perform works on objects of the appropriate class of consequences. There are three groups of class of consequences:

  1. CC1 – objects with insignificant consequences (projects are not subject for compulsory expertise);
  2. CC2 – objects with average consequences (compulsory expertise of objects construction);
  3. CC3 – objects with significant consequences (compulsory expertise of objects construction).

An accessory to the class of consequences is determined in accordance to the consequence`s characteristic of building failure: danger for humans which are permanently or occasionally at/outside of object, the volume of economic losses, losing of culture objects, communications.

The project documentation for objects construction of increased environmental hazard includes the results of evaluation of impact on environment (EIE).

According to the order № 808 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine such objects are: objects that produce heat, electricity, hot water, objects of construction hydroelectric power stations including small hydroelectric power stations (construction of mini HPP), construction of water abstractions, construction of water supply lines, construction of treatment facilities, construction of water reservoirs, clearing the river bottom, clearing the lake bottom, construction of oil-processing plant, designing of gasoline service station, construction of gasoline service station, construction of piggery, designing of animal farming, construction of meat-processing factory, electric power lines, construction of electric substations, construction of objects within protected areas of natural reserve fund, construction of objects within zone of sanitary protection.

Noticed below the special aspects of projecting the objects construction is not full list of terms for obtaining all required agreements, especially for objects that during construction or operations can cause hazard for environment and human health.

Projecting of object construction is required from a designer of project documentation availability of effective individual solutions allowing a client without obstacles and remarks from the state controlling authorities to conduct construction in determined time and in accordance to the budget. MCL, LLC as a organization that for ten years has been designing and implementing individual project solutions for performing legal activity for enterprises of different economic sectors regardless on their allocation.

Projecting of objects construction can be conducted both individually or as part of complex of services including a comprehensive construction expertise, ecology-expert appraisal, obtaining the conclusion of the state ecological expertise, justifying the possibility of deviations from SCN in the context of Sanitary Rules and Norms, Declaration of the beginning of an execution of preparatory or construction works, obtaining the declaration of operational process.

MCL, LLC, thanking to long-term experience and productive partner relationships with the best project organizations, proposes enterprises the services of projecting of real estate objecting for the competitive prices and in determined time.

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