Pig farm project

The pigsty in Ukraine — prospective sector. For last 5 years Ukraine have increased the capacity of pork production and transformed from importing to exporting country. The prerequisite of business profitability and balanced work of piggeries is a quality of developed project. The capacity (production volume) of specific object depends on the approved technologies, concluded decisions and compliance of the sanitary norms.

We offer an engineering services of pig farms and piggeries according to the norms of technological projection of pig farms in Ukraine. The pig farm is a complex of administrative and manufacturing structures and back rooms, especially: piggeries, warehouse for storing of straw and bedding, washing, station of artificial insemination, laboratory, premises for item inventories, administrative building for personnel and disinfestation post.

Projection of pig farm begins from the determination the quantity of animals that should be located at farm. The quantity of pigs defines the square, housing system and the amount of piggeries. Due to an experience of our engineers, we can design the pig farms on 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 heads and more. Practically, project of a big pig farm (over 5 000 heads) is implemented upon conditions to use during construction equipment, machines and materials of high quality.

As a part of projection, the specialized laboratories carry out topographic, geological and geodesic surveys for identifying a possibility to allocate livestock breeding complex on determined area.

Also, within projection of pig farm are developed the ventilation system, facilities to supply feed and pumping of dung. An effective and powerful air exchange improves working conditions and makes good internal smells. The dung yard or lagoon for manure is projected for full valid work of pig farm. In spring, pig breeding complexes sell manure as a natural fertilizer for soils.

Projection of pig farm is an individual process that requires a comprehensive study of Customer preferences and implementation business ideas in compliance with the construction and sanitary legislation, as well as the norms of technological design of pig farms.

Pig farm project is designed in accordance to the state construction norms В.2.2-1-95. “Buildings and structures of livestock breeding”, institutional regulations for technological engineering of pig farms and state construction norms “Buildings and structures for storing and processing of agricultural products”.

And with it, while projection of pig farms is required to consider the sanitary rules and norms of their placement and operation. The state sanitary rules 173-96 define the sanitary-hygienic zone of pig farm to residential building. The sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone of pig farm is 2 000 m. If noise and vibration pollution is decreased, the sizes of sanitary-hygienic zone could be reduced.

Thanks to practical knowledge and skills the project engineers of MCL, LLC the projection of pig farm — formation of appropriate conditions to hog growing with the compliance of sanitary, veterinarian and construction norms on defined area saving time and costs of the Customer.