Environmental impact evaluation (EIA)

During planning of activity, business entity has to conduct an evaluation of impact on environment including the compliance of the requirements of the law of Ukraine «On environmental impact evaluation» that came into the force from 18th of December 2017. The importance of conducting of the environmental impact evaluation lies in the fact that at planning stage there is a possibility to forecast the negative consequences from planned activity, to introduce modifications in project of activity, to design new alternatives of planned activity taking into account the requirements of environmental protection legislation.

In established procedure by law, business entity should send a letter on planned activity for obtaining conclusion of environmental impact evaluation to an authorized local body. This letter must consist of the following data: the title of business entity, its registered office address and contacts; description of planned activity and its alternatives in a technical sense; place of conducting the planned activity and, correspondingly, the alternative places of allocation; description of social and economic impact of planned activity; general technical information of planned activity (volume production, length and width, capacity); ecological aspects of planned activity and the ways of impact on environmen; identification the category of planned activity; detailed information on environmental impact evaluation including the results of conducted researches and measurements; introduce information for public discussions of impact on surroundings from planned activity. After obtaining information from business entity, authorized local body during 3 working days sends the obtained information to central empower body. Authorized local body contributes the enterprise to Unified register of evaluation of impact and executes the conclusion of evaluation of impact on environment.

The next stage of evaluation of impact on environemnt is oriented on public discussions and hearings, making suggestions or remarks of possible negative impact on surroundings. The results of public hearings are executed as a report of public discussions that is passed to business entity.

The business entity has to design a report of environmental impact evaluation that consists of:

  • Characteristics of planned activity (construction plan, reconstruction or retirement plan, description of production and technological processes including materials and resources that will be used);
  • Information about designed alternative variants about changes in production process or technology, place of allocation);
  • Analysis of environmental status;
  • Information about the domains of environment that can be on impact from planned activity and information about designed alternative solutions;
  • Analysis and evaluation of possible impact on environemnt including the scale of impact (population and square of territory, intensity of impact, its complexity and duration, frequency of impact);
  • Characteristics of all methods and approaches used during analysis and evaluation of impact on environment;
  • Designed measures for preventing the negative impact on environment.

The design and correct execution of mentioned below documents, and complying the procedure of evaluation of impact on environment are required enough experience, relevant knowledge in the field of ecology, environment protection sanitary and epidemiological control and construction norms. By its own efforts to execute such project for business entity can be difficult and takes a lot of time, therefore it is better to delegate it on high qualified specialists. The competency of specialists of MCL, LLC is the execution of the report of evaluation of impact on environment and full support in obtaining conclusion of environmental impact evaluation. Therefore, if you apply to MCL, LLC, you can be sure in executed work.