Ecological expertise

The main aim of state environmental expertise (hereinafter – state expertise) is reduction of possible impact on environment and human health from company`s anthropogenic activity and ecological situations on separate areas or objects. Ecological expertise is oriented on: determination of ecological risk level and safety from projected and performed activity; preparation of scientific and justified object assessment; determination of correspondence to the requirements of environmental legislation, sanitary-hygienic and construction norms; impact evaluation from projected and performed activity on environment and natural resources; assessment of measures efficiency and their sufficiency for environmental and natural resources safety; conclusions preparation.

The conclusions of state expertise are based on documentation which are presented to authorized body of executive power for review. Usually, this documentation consists of:

  1. Evaluation of impact on environment (EIE) is a report involving assessment of general directions of possible impact (atmospheric, geologic, social environment, environmental management, waste management) of projected and performed activity. In other words, EIE is a list of measured for reducing potentially hazardous impact.
  2. Claim on ecological consequences is a document of established form that includes recounted ecological consequences from projected and performed activity and measures for their best levelling.
  3. Ecological and expert appraisal of analytical processing of EIE documents refers as expert report of licensed authorized body or person which have legal rights to conduct this activity.
  4. Claim publication about plans in mass media.

This is not full list of required documents, reports and consequences that can be necessary for state expertise. The conduction of such expertise cannot be by a pattern, so each certain case requires individual approach and perfect study of all environmental, local characteristics and factors that influence on environment. That is why, it is necessary to rely on the preparation of all documents only for high-qualitied professional. The workforce of MCL, LLC consists of more than ten employees which have long-period experience and certificates for conducting ecological and expert appraisal. And clients of MCL, LLC have the best contracting company, activity of which is oriented on satisfying their needs in consulting and ecology.

The conduction of ecological expertise is compulsory for activities and objects of high environmental risk.

Thus, the conduction of state environmental expertise is based on review of project documentation, and there is often double representation of article №31 of the Law of Ukraine «On regulation of urban development» – current objects that pose ecological hazard (according to act №808 of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated 28th of August 2013) are obligated for conduction of state environmental expertise regardless that this object has passed overall construction expertise. If you have problems related with environmental expertise, you should address to our company. Our specialists will provide you consulting services and find decisions for your problems.

The process of documentation preparation for customer involves of following stages: addressing to our company for discussing details of preparation for state environmental expertise; meeting with our specialists in the sphere of evaluation of impact on environment for EIE tasks development; copies preparation of urban development, technical conditions, project of land-utilization and other project documents. After this, our specialists, basing on provided information, form evaluation of impact on environment, prepare claim on plans and consequences, take part in their publication in mass media, and if it is necessary, organize public hearings. Often, for development of adequate EIE it is important to calculate probable emissions into the atmospheric air, form normative account of special water use and waste production.

Our company during last eight years is specialized on solving all problems of our clients in the sphere of ecology. We follow to our credo «Comprehensive approach to ecology», so any enterprise of any activity and any production type can truth us the carrying out this service «ready-to-operate».