Development agrochemical certificate of land plot

Agrochemical certificate of land plot is a document that contains data about agrochemical characteristics of soils and pollution level with toxic substances and radionuclides.

Agrochemical certificate of land plot is a result of agrochemical certification of all agricultural land which is carried out for government control of fertility indicators changes, soil pollution with toxic substances and radionuclides, efficient use of agricultural land.

Objects of agrochemical certification of agricultural land are tilled soil, haylands and grazing lands, perennial plantings.

Agrochemical certification of tillable land carries out every 5 years, therefore of haylands, grazing lands and perennial plantings – every 5-10 years. It is compulsory for all landowners and land-users.
Details of agrochemical certificate used for the regulating land relations, such as:

  • transferring property or utilize including land lease;
  • changing of landowners or land-users;
  • conducting of land monetary value;
  • determining the sum of land payment;
  • monitoring of soil fertility.

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