Construction due diligence

Construction detailed due diligence is carried out because of established procedure designed and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The right to carry out the construction detailed due diligence has the organizations and experts which correspond to established criteria. Also, the experts in the field of sanitary-epidemiologic control, industrial safety, fire, nuclear and  technogenic protection, energy efficiency which have the corresponding certificate are involved to carrying out the construction due diligence.

According to the established procedure a state executive authority in the field of urban development, architecture and construction puts on a list of expert organizations that have the right to carry out construction detailed due diligence. If such expert organization does not correspond the established criteria, it will exclude from the list.

In accordance to the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine in the field of urban development activity, the construction due diligence is compulsory for:

  • Objects with average consequences (CC2) and objects with significant consequences (CC3);
  • Objects that are constructed in areas of difficult engineering, geological and technogenic conditions;
  • Objects that are constructed with involving of state and municipal funds, budget funds, and loans under state guarantees if their estimated value exceeds 300 thousand of UAH on the estimates of project documentation.

Objects with insignificant consequences (CC1) are not compulsory for the construction due diligence.

In other words, the state construction due diligence for mentioned above objects can carried out only by the accredited expert organizations. In other cases, the construction project developer or designer determine an executive expert organizations.

The procedure of carrying out the construction detailed due diligence includes the following stages:

  • Developer provides for the expert organizations a package of documents for carrying out the construction due diligence.
  • Verification of provided project and technic documentation, calculate and analysis of actual factors to planned. At this stage the experts determine disadvantages of the project, and in case of their occurrence, they return project documents for their eliminating or fine-tuning. After rework of the project, the customer sends the construction project to expert organization.
  • After detailed studying of project and technical documentation and, it required rework of the project, the executor of construction due diligence (expert organization) prepares a preliminary conclusion of construction due diligence.
  • Executor designs the conclusion and provides it for customer. Detailed expert conclusion consists of information about all stages of verification and all data defined during due diligence and corresponding justifications.

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