Assessment of ecological risks

Assessment of ecological risks is a unique service of independent and professional studding of dissemble ecologic factors that influence on financial appeal and project value of any investment projects. If investor requests this service, he will understand the existing/absence of dissemble ecologic factors and their elimination costs. Also thanks to this service, investor has an opportunity to forecast the influence of external factors on human health that will be engaged in further projects.

The content of service always is discussed with customer including specifics of external environment, investment project and investor`s goals.

It is interesting to note that, dissemble factors can keep close in absolutely unexpected, but important for investment projects, points. For example, there were situations of thousand fold exceeding of coliform bacillus in places meat-processing industry or three times exceeding of disinfection costs of nonindustrial waste versus with land plot costs.

So, if investor requests the service of assessment ecological risks at MCL, LLC, he will receive all information about dissemble financial or other costs, which are closed for him. Availability of this information can fundamentally influence on project success.